Bringing Nature to Arlitt's Existing Playground

In addition to the playscape, the Arlitt Center would like to make their existing playground, currently composed of cement and crushed rubber, greener. The CDC designed a number of small pieces that would aid in this process.

One way of categorizing pieces of nature is to break it down into the four classical elements: Earth, Fire, Wind and Water. This method aids in looking at how children may interact with nature. Lists can be made from asking questions like “How will children play with Water?” or “What components of Earth will children interact with.” Activity lists were generated for each element, exploring not only what children could do with each element but how the element would be incorporated within the existing playground.

The list of elemental play activities was generated and pruned to remove activities that were either redundant with what is planned for the playscape or what is infeasible in the existing playground. It was then decided to coalesce the results to make a single object that would represent each element, with the exception of fire.

Planters for children to care for and study growth.
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