University Plaza Redevelopment

University Plaza is located at the foot of Corryville's Short Vine Business District and is bound by Corry Street, Jefferson Street, William Howard Taft Road, and Euclid Avenue. Built in the 1960s, the site's anchor tenants include a Walgreens pharmacy and Kroger supermarket. Various redevelopment plans and visions have been produced for the site over the last few years, the latest from Anchor Properties with consultation from Cole and Russell Architects.

In July of 2008, Anchor Properties and Cole and Russell Architects sought UC's endorsement for the redevelopment plan they had presented to the Corryville Community Council. In August of 2008, the Community Design Center was asked to provide graphic consultation to the offices of the UC Architect and President to improve their dialog with Anchor Properties and Cole and Russell Architects. The orientation of Walgreens in Anchor Properties' redevelopment plan was the focus of the dialog between UC and Anchor Properties / Cole and Russell Architects. Services rendered by the CDC include digital 3D modeling, drafting, and image splicing. The products of these services demonstrate how the redeveloped Walgreens can be reoriented on the site to enhance the pedestrian experience on Corry Street and not impede future higher density buildout.

University Plaza
History of University Plaza Redevelopment Plans Presentation to Uptown Consortium Community Development Subcommittee 08/26/08

July 2008 Anchor Properties / Cole and Russell Concept Plan - Entire Site

July 2008 Anchor Properties / Cole and Russell Concept Plan - Zoom in on Walgreens

Norwood Design Plan Concept Overlay

Cole and Russell and Community Design Center 3D Model Comparison