Winter 2010 Open House & Review

In the winter quarter 2010 students continued the work started in Fall 2009. Responding to the input of community members as well as the analyses and proposals developed by Urban Design Associates during the City sponsored charrette process for the Revive I-75 plan, students were able to improve and build upon the framework plans proposed in the previous quarter. In addition to the neighborhoods of Avondale, Walnut Hills, Camp Washington, Northside, South Cumminsville, and Spring Grove Village, several students worked on projects for the Downtown area - including urban design and implementation strategies for the proposed Casino site. Students of Political Science contributed to the work of architects, planners and engineers by providing insights from a political and policy making angle. Five groups of engineering students and a group formed by engineering and planning students worked on project proposals that will be detailed during the next quarter.

See the student work and presentations generated from this quarter.

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