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Cincinnati Regional Food Congress

The Cincinnati Regional Food Congress (CRFC) was a day-long event aimed at developing a shared vision for the future of the tri-state’s local food system. The Food Congress brought together over 60 urban and rural stakeholders from non-profits, citizen groups, governments and businesses with the intent to share best practices, set goals for the local food economy, and identify opportunities for local food system development.

The major policy areas of focus included:
  • educating citizens and policy makers on the importance of local food systems
  • supporting local producers and increasing productive capacity
  • improving access to healthy food for underserved communities
  • fostering synergies between existing programs
  • ensuring continuity of the food policy efforts

A Steering Committee made up of diverse stakeholders was formed to lead the future discussion and capitalize on the momentum created during the Congress.

Individuals or organizations interested in learning more about the efforts of the CRFC are encouraged to contact the organizers at or 513-556-3282