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Urban Analysis I-71

This goal of this assignment was to have each student or student team document and analyze aspects of the natural and man-made environment at several different scales relative to the 71 and 75 study areas. Each study topic was represented at three scales: in general form for the region/city, in general form for the basin/uptown area, and in detailed form for the 71 study area.

Effective Recreation
Neighborhood Zoning and Vision for the Future
Jane Jacobs and the I-71 Neighborhoods
Crime and Defensible Space
Landscape and Ecology:Residual Space Study
Housing Stock
Street Hierarchy
Image Studies
Demographics and Social Issues
Streets in Neighborhood Business Districts
Major Employers and Institutions
Image and Perception
Residential Growth Potential
Cultural Vitality Study
Gordon Cullen: The Concise Townscape
Ray Oldenburg: Third Place

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