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Urbanism: Observing the City

The work presented here resulted from the seminar course Urbanism: Observing the City. This interdisciplinary course included graduate students in Architecture and undergraduate students of the Honors Program from a wide range of disciplines (urban planning, architecture, design, biology, mechanical engineering, finance, and linguistics). Under this assignment students observed and analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively an urban issue of their choice. The methodological and theoretical approaches of each work were based on theories discussed in class.

Finding Place in Oakley Square
A Search for the Urban Ballet Along Madison Road
The Significance of Signage
Dwelling on Millworks: The Phenomenology of a Place
Four Parks on Madison Road
Social Response to Environment: Space Morphology Studies
Third Places on Madison Road
Environment and Behavior
Close-Up: Observing the Urban Environment
Recognizing Churches as Urban Artifacts
Great Streets' Leftovers
Graffiti as Urban Communication
Subjunctive Junctions in the City: Vital Roles of Corner Lots in the Madison-MLK Corridor
Coffee Houses and Technology: A Study of the Vitality of the Modern, American Coffee House