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Case Studies

This goal of this assignment was to create a resource catalog of exemplary ideas and examples of contemporary (re)development that will be useful to us in the Niehoff Studio for approaching places and problems of the Cincinnati region and for others engaged in the study and practice of urban design.

Students were asked to identify a significant essay describing a theory/approach addressing a problem identified in the research assignment and then to identify an existing redevelopment project that represents contemporary best practices also to address the research assignment.

Bio-Remediation PowerPoint
Bio-Remediation Report
LEED Certification PowerPoint
LEED Certification Report
Ninth Square District, New Haven PowerPoint
Ninth Square District, New Haven Report
Roundabout PowerPoint
Roundabout Report
Sustainable Energy Sources PowerPoint
Sustainable Energy Sources Report
Sustainable Industry PowerPoint
Sustainable Industry Report
Complete Streets Report
Complete Streets Presentation
Transit Oriented Development Report
Transit Oriented Development Presentation

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