Niehoff Studio: Vision

The Niehoff Urban Studio is a program led by the university and driven by the vision of our community stakeholders. The studio facilitates the study and discussion of urban issues relevant to the vitality and sustainability of Cincinnati and other urban centers. It is the regional center for urbanism, where university and non-university participants can engage in events, symposia, and exhibits that explore these urban issues. The studio is structured to provide a unique and innovative off-campus classroom to support interdisciplinary work among students, faculty, and engaged community stakeholders. The work of the Niehoff Urban Studio is intended to have a tangible impact on urban problems and contribute innovative research in this area.

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Objectives and Outcomes

Research on urban issues:
The studio engages faculty and students in academic research on specific urban issues.

Applied Research for design projects:
Interdisciplinary teams of students recommend strategies and design interventions to address specific urban issues.

Community Development and Service Learning:
Faculty and students of the studio engage with community groups and stakeholders to collaborate together in visioning strategies and design proposals that can have a timely and tangible impact.

Public Education:
Public symposia, presentations, and exhibits are sponsored by the studio to provide a forum for the public discussion of urban planning, design, and quality of life issues for the urban center.