Corryville Community Identity

In the Summer of 2009, Vine St. Community Urban Development Corporation (VCURC) came to the Community Design Center with the task of creating an identity for the entertainment district, located on Vine Street in the neighborhood of Corryville.

A successful logo should embody the true spirit of the neighborhood, as well as reflect the characteristics that make the area unique. To discover the character of the community, an exploration process took place, which was meant to stimulate and inspire the creative process. This included traversing the neighborhood, where much of the built environment exposed the historic nature of the community, while the business/entertainment district revealed an eclectic quality, with various specialty shops, a music venue, restaurants and bars. Another observable feature within the business district was two red arches that framed the area and created distinction within the space. The three concepts presented were inspired by what was found within the community.

In addition to the creation of a visual identity for Corryville’s entertainment area, a resource was created containing the community logos of the Uptown area of Cincinnati.

Logo concepts coming soon!

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