Work in Progress


Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
In January of 2018, the Niehoff Studio began collaborating with the non-profit organization, Bi-Okoto African Cultural Center, to begin developments for a renovation project. Located in the Pleasant Ridge neighborhood, the arts center takes part in joining the many independent businesses. The center focuses on promoting and spreading the rich culture of African dance, music, language and other arts. They present the authentic arts and culture of West African drum and dance performances at festivals, schools, colleges, churches and more. Classes are also provided in forms of lectures, workshops, residencies and the learning of African Drum and Dance classes for various skill levels. The organization is looking to further spread the arts by renovating and expanding their facilities.

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An Examination Food Access in Hamilton County, OH
During Fall of 2016 graduate Planner Alican Yildiz and Public Health Intern Ardag Hajinazarian are leading this research effort with the Greater Cincinnati Regional Food Policy members Robin Henderson, City Environment and Sustainability Officer, Stacey Todd, Hamilton County Planner. The research focused on the examination of food access according to three main determinants, availability, accessibility and utilization, of food system outcomes in urban environments,. Spatial-statistical analyses of access to a variety of outlets and food-at-home expenditures are used to learn the outcomes food access disparities in Hamilton County over the health of County Residents.
Center For Closing The Health Gap
During Fall 2016, CDC worked with Center for Closing the Health Gap by providing them the Map for The Do Right! Campaign. The effort encourages healthy living through nutrition and physical activity which includes almost 20,000 participants to date from Mt. Auburn neighborhood.
Graphical Visualization of Developments in Cincinnati
In Fall 2016, CDC started creating a graphical visualization of developments from 1990 within Cincinnati Neighborhoods. This map explains the growth of the city and the extent of civilization in City of Cincinnati.