The Studio

The Niehoff Urban Studio is a unique interdisciplinary academic initiative undertaken to address urban issues that challenge the quality of life in Cincinnati. The studio endeavors to engage the community in an urban problem solving effort. The studio is located on Short Vine in Corryville and includes classroom, meeting, and exhibit areas. Since its inception in 2002 more than 800 students in urban planning, engineering, architecture, design, anthropology, business, nursing, political science, urban geography and others have participated and partnered with more than 100 community based organizations on projects intended to make Cincinnati more sustainable. The Niehoff Studio is administered by the Community Design Center.

The Map

The Student Work Map is a collection of the work completed at the Niehoff Urban Studio by numerous students over the year. It contains projects looking at the City of Cincinnati and many of its eclectic neighborhoods, covering topics such as transit oriented development, recreation and public amenities, environmental concerns, and social, cultural, and perceptual issues. By mapping out many of these projects we hope to inspire visitors to better understand the need for an integrated and comprehensive view in order to better our communities.