Mill Creek Valley Studies, Plans, and Data

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Entire Corridor

Mill Creek Expressway Project website

Revive I-75 plan website

Revive I-75 Request for Proposals from City of Cincinnati

Other Revive I-75 documents from Urban Design Associates

Plan from the Cincinnati Park Board’s Natural Resource Management Section: reconnecting neighborhoods and natural systems divided by freeways; planting/reforestation along freeways

Mill Creek Watershed Scenario Project, Spring 2010, uses a scenario planning approach to illustrate four distinct future visions for the 166 square mile watershed of the Mill Creek.

  • Also see the project pages in the Niehoff Studio section of this website.

Detailed alignment for light rail along I-75 between Hopple Street and Northside. This is the option preferred by the City of Cincinnati.

Lower Mill Creek Watershed report, November 2009. Prepared by Human Nature and Strand Associates for the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati. Includes recommendations for reducing combined sewer overflow into the Mill Creek.

Mill Creek Restoration Project documents and links.

Hopple Street Interchange / Camp Washington

Proposal alternatives

City Council resolution on interchange alternatives from ODOT, 2008. Supports 3 and 3A and opposes 1, 1A, 2, and 2A.

Improvements along Martin Luther King Drive between Hopple Street and Clifton Ave

Hopple Street Revision Study, 2008. Options to accommodate light rail along I-75 in the vicinity of Hopple Street.

Camp Washington Business District Redevelopment and Market Feasibility study, 2005. Prepared by the Community Design and Development Center for the Camp Washington Community Board.

Camp Washington Industrial Area Plan, December 2009.

West End and Queensgate

MetroWest Commerce Park redevelopment proposal summary.

Brent Spence Bridge project website

Queensgate Development Initiative, 2010. Proposes the formation of a Queensgate Development Corporation, including goals and strategies.

West End Comprehensive Plan from the Cincinnati Department of Transportation and Engineering, 2003. Amended July 2008 by the Cincinnati Department of City Planning.

West End Urban Design Plan: Guidelines for the Future of Lincoln Court and Laurel Homes from the Cincinnati Department of City Planning, 2002.

Revive I-75: Preliminary Market Findings, concerning Queensgate, from Robert Charles Lessler & Co. real estate advisors, January 2010. Conditions concerning opportunities for office, industrial, retail, and residential development, considering effects of possible future scenarios.

Northside and South Cumminsville

Northside Urban Renewal Plan, 1996

Northside Comprehensive Land Use Plan, 2006

Land Reuse Plan for the Colerain Connector, 2000 - hosts the Northside Community Council page.

Cincinnati Northside Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation website

South Cumminsville Community Improvement Plan, May 2000

Spring Grove Village

Spring Grove Village Community Council website

Spring Grove Village Community Council Neighborhood Boundary Map, December 2009