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Automobiles, Roadways, and Parking

Paved, but Still Alive, from The New York Times

Lending Your Car to Strangers (For Cash), from The New York Times

A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space, Too, from The New York Times

Does Louiville Need More Highways?, from The New York Times

In the Future, the City’s Streets Are to Behave, from The New York Times

Yes, Driverless Cars Know the Way to San Jose, from The New York Times

When pedestrians get mixed signals.

What snow can tell us about creating better public spaces.

Street Smarts: From Holland, Bright Ideas for Highways, a 2013 article about "smart" roads.

Putting Parking into Reverse, thoughts from UCLA Planning Professor Donald Shoup concerning the high cost of free parking.

Complete Streets introductory pamphlet from the National Complete Streets Coalition.

In the Future, the City’s Streets Are to Behave, a 2009 New York Times article about New York City Mayor Blumberg’s plans for street redesign.

A Miami Beach Event Space. Parking Space Too. - a 2011 New York Times article about innovative and multi-use parking garage design.

Design Picked for Wildlife Crossing - a 2011 New York Times article about a proposed wildlife overpass over I-70 in Colorado.

Next Generation of Wildlife Crossings Un-Vailed in ARC Competition - design competition winners for wildlife crossings over highways.

Providence, Rhode Island I-195 Highway Removal Plan - Providence’s plan to move Interstate 195 and redevelop the area voided by the highway

Scenic Ohio, a scenic highway advocacy group.

You Want a Revolution, a 2008 article from Time Magazine about roundabouts in Carmel, Indiana.

Roundabout examples from Project Carmel Link - the Keystone Avenue Reconstruction Project in Carmel, Indiana.


The Recession Squeeze on Buses and Trains, from The New York Times

To Save Money on Building Rail, Spend Money on Marketing Buses, from The New York Times, published on February 10th, 2015

Use of Public Transit in U.S. Reaches Highest Level Since 1956, Advocates Report Published on March 10th, 2014

Regional Summit on Rail and Transit Integration. The summit was held on February 20th, 2014

Business leader steps up for streetcar. Published December 20, 2013 in the Cincinnati Bisiness Courier

America's Most Expensive Commutes.

Saving Money Through Public Transport.

A "world tour" of low-impact urban mobility systems.

Complete Streets introductory panphelet from the National Complete Streets Coalition.

Station Area Planning: How to Make Great Transit-Oriented Places, a TOD guidebook, broken down into station and housing typology, by Reconnecting America.

Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s HealthLine, the former Euclid Corridor.

Cyclists and Pedestrians

The biggest bicycling infrastructure achievement in North America that you've never heard about Published June 12, 2014

In Indianapolis, a Bike Path to Progress Published March 4, 2014

Gadgets to boost bike safety Published March 10, 2014

Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI). Video Published July 18, 2008

Now coveted: A walkable, Convenient Place Walking has become an indicator of your socioeconomic status.

Safe Routes to School program overview and background PowerPoint presentation from the National Center for Safe Routes to School.

Complete Streets introductory panphelet from the National Complete Streets Coalition. - the Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center.

Perils for Pedestrians, a video about street design.

Compreheisive Issues

Comprehensive Plan with Map, Mt. Auburn Comprehensive Physical Activity Plan, April 2015.

Transportation-related development projects in Cleveland, a webpage on the City of Cleveland Planning Commission website.

International Journal of Sustainable Transportation, available to UC students through informaworld.

Architecture Boston Magazine: Infrastructure Issue (Winter 2009)

The Center for Neighborhood Technology, a public policy think tank that focuses on efficient use of existing transportation and energy infrastructure.

The Transportation Prescription: Bold New Ideas for healthy, Equitable Transportation Reform in America, a public policy recommendation report from PolicyLink and the Prevention Institute that connects transportation options with public health.

Losing Ground: The Struggle of Moderate-Income Households to Afford the Rising Costs of Housing and Transportation, report from Center for Housing Policy and CNT.