There are certain terms and conditions that apply to those who wish to receive a certificate of completion and/or credit for the course. Please read the details below and information found on individual MOOC webpages for additional restrictions that may apply.

What is a MOOC? 

University of Cincinnati offers online course content in an open enviroment where anyone may register and participate. Courses are free, self-paced and online. Review the list of UC's open course offerings here.

Who will be teaching the class? 

Courses are taught by UC faculty.

How much does the class cost? 

There is no cost associated with registering or participating in the class. Students who wish to obtain a Certificate of Completion or receive UC credit for the course may incur costs.

Do I need to be a current UC student to participate? 

No, the class is open to all individuals.

Will there be assignments? 

There may be weekly readings, lecturettes, exercises, quizzes and/or discussion boards to build your understanding of the content. You may still participate in the class even if you choose not to complete the weekly assignments.

Will the class be assessed? 

The class may include quizzes, exams or other assessments. Participation in the quizzes and tests is optional and only required for students wishing to obtain a Certificate of Completion or UC credit for the class.

Can I join the class after the start date? 

Since the classes are self-paced, you may be able to join after the start date so long as the content is still available online.

Can I earn credit for participation?  

Students who wish to obtain a Certificate of Completion or receive UC credit for the course, where allowed, may incur costs. Please review the course materials for additional information.

Can I obtain a certificate of completion after I finish this course? 

Yes. Students who successfully complete all modules, assignments, quizzes or other assessments will earn a Certificate of Completion. There may be a processing fee to receive your printed Certificate of Completion.

Who do I contact if I encounter technical difficulties? 

Participants that encounter technical problems with the online course  should contact the Blackboard Support team.