Co-op History

Cooperative education is a structured method of combining academic education with practical work experience. Research indicates that one of the attributes employers value most in newly hired employees is work experience. A cooperative education experience, commonly know as a "co-op", provides academic credit for career work. Cooperative education is taking on new importance in school-to-work transition, service learning, and experiential learning initiatives.

The history of cooperative education could and will fill an entire book but here are some fast facts about co-op at the University of Cincinnati

  • Founded at the University of Cincinnati by Dean Herman Schneider in 1906
  • First Co-op Class had 27 students in 13 companies
  • Second year over 400 inquiries from prospective students
  • First Co-op Program in Business in 1919
  • First Mandatory Co-op Program in the USA in 1920 in College of Engineering
  • First Women Admitted to Co-op in 1920
  • UC Co-op program split into 3 colleges in 1946
  • Currently UC has approximately 3,500 students co-oping annually
  • Nationwide there are approximately 600 co-op programs with 241,000 students participating