Alumni Make Lifelong UC Connections
The University of Cincinnati Alumni Association is proud to serve and represent
the global UC alumni family, and we are personally honored to help steward the
organization at such an important and exciting time in the university’s long and
storied history.
We are often asked to describe the essence of the UC Alumni Association.
Inevitably, we keep returning to three words: Engagement, Connections and
Support. Each of these concepts has multiple meanings because the needs and
interests of our quarter million alums worldwide are so diverse. Yet all alumni are
united by their UC heritage. Whether they’re searching for information, seeking
old or new UC friends, trying to leverage their UC education and contacts in
today’s work environment, interested in volunteer opportunities, or just wanting
to network and have fun with each other, the UC Alumni Association is often
their first and most vital connection.
In the July 2011–June 2012 fiscal year, examples could be found in everything
we did — and your UC Alumni Association did a lot! Our events, programs,
services and strategic initiatives brought value to tens of thousands of alumni. In
the process, the organization exhibited sound, thoughtful management of our
resources to maximize our service to the UC community. Please use this report
to learn more about the UC Alumni Association and discover ways that you and
your university benefit from mutual Engagement, Connections and Support.
This is a wonderful time to be a Bearcat! Lofty and important goals are in
our sights under the exciting
strategic plan. The historic Proudly
Cincinnati campaign is poised to surpass its $1 billion goal. Our newest students
are the most academically prepared in university history, while today’s UC
graduates are more ready than ever to become successful alumni. Collectively,
we are constantly moving forward — a great university becoming even greater.
There are countless reasons and opportunities for our alums to be engaged,
make connections, and lend their support. Facilitating this activity is why the
UC Alumni Association exists. Thank you for your interest in our work and your
dedication to our great university. Go Bearcats!
Myron l. Hughes ‘86
Executive Director
UC Alumni Association
Myron L. Hughes
Laurence F. Jones, III
laurence F. Jones, III ’00
President, Board of Governors
UC Alumni Association