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OHECC Purpose and History

The purpose of OHECC is to foster communication between higher education IT professionals across the state. In past conferences, we have communicated and shared ideas, created state-wide problem solving committees, negotiated state-wide contracts where all schools enjoyed buying discounts, and created on going relationships between IT professionals.

The Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHECC) groups together Information Technology (IT) organizations and professionals within institutions of higher education in the state of Ohio. It was founded at the University of Cincinnati in the early 1970s. Originally only State universities attended OHECC but as the popularity and effectiveness of this conference increased, private, technical, and community colleges began attending OHECC. Historically, the Council has held two conferences each year, in the spring and the fall, with locations rotating between participating institutions. Beginning in 2001-2002, OHECC leadership decided to hold only one conference in the spring.

At these conferences, vendors and manufacturers of computing hardware, software, communications and networking devices and other technologies are invited as sponsors, to exhibit and demonstrate the use of their products in higher education. Presentations are made by computing professionals, faculty and others addressing topics ranging from current use and delivery of technology within higher education to future trends and prospects.

Headshot of Daniel White

Daniel White

OHECC Chair, Shawnee State University


Headshot of Amber Lovett

Amber Lovett

OHECC Coordinator, University of Cincinnati