Conference & Event Services

Every day, Conference & Event Services (also known as CES) supports the university’s ordinary and extraordinary activities for you: students, organizations, department staff, academic faculty and non-university (external) clients.

  • We schedule indoor and outdoor campus spaces not directly managed by colleges.
  • We plan, manage, and help host small to large-scale meetings, events, and conferences that happen both on and off campus.
  • In the summer we coordinate with a variety of university service providers to support your summer guests, interns and camps on campus.
  • We manage Tangeman University Center as a go-to campus destination for entertainment, relaxation, retail, studying, meeting and eating.

The CES staff are continually trained to respond to a variety of complex programming needs. The office is certified by the national organization ACCED-I as a One-Stop Shop service provider. You benefit from the most effective planning services UC has to offer, ensuring your event is successful and your participants are wowed by their UC experience. To learn more about the team, visit Contact Us.

Recent UC News


HappyOrNot kiosks added to enhance campus experience

May 23, 2023

The University of Cincinnati is implementing HappyOrNot kiosks across its Uptown campus to track customer satisfaction in real-time. With 26 kiosks strategically placed, individuals can easily provide feedback on their experience with campus services.

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