University Students, Staff and Faculty

1. Using Google Chrome or Firefox, go to the UC Conferences & Event Services website and select Request A Space in the navigation bar.

2. Click on the appropriate location to request a space.


1. Complete inquiry form.

Complete inquiry form.

If a room is not listed, it is not available. Try a different time or date if your program is flexible. If you would like to be contacted by Conference & Event Services, please select “request contact” below the list of available rooms, you can then write the room you would like in the Reservation Comments section of the online form. DO NOT CLICK “NO SPACE NEEDED.” If this is chosen, your event will not be sent to Conference & Event Services for approval and your event will go unconfirmed.

Conference & Event Services (CES) does not provide any equipment for outdoor events, except for paying vendors. Student groups should plan to bring their own table and chairs.

If you need equipment you can rent from your on-campus provider, Conference & Event Services.  If we are unable to accomodate your request, you can rent from commerical rental compaines. Here are rental companies you can rent tables from:

If you are cooking at all a grill permit is required and it needs to be prepared before the event occurs. Please contact Fire Safety at 513- 556-4934 and they will ask you several questions about the event to prepare the permit. If a grill permit is not obtained, you may be subject to a citation fee. Each confirmation email requesting a grill permit has the Cooking Rules attached for outdoor events.

Groups are not permitted to amplify, unless permission has been obtained from Conference & Event Services in advance. Know that the university policy currently permits amplification on on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30 pm to 2:00 pm during the semester. Other days and times require permission. Amplification is not permitted at Bearcat Commons or Bearcat Plaza during exam weeks, intercessions or Summer Semester.

University/Student Organizations are not charged for using space on campus, unless they are charging a fee for people to attend the event, if there is exchange of money at the event, or if charging vendors to participate in your event. Organizations can be charged a fee if they fail to cancel in a timely manner, if they violate the exclusive catering contract of TUC, or if damages occur as a result of the event.

Non-University Groups are charged a room rental fee that varies depending on the room. To pass out information outside and to have a table, they will be charged $260.00

Review our list of room specifications and rates.

Yes, there is no longer an excluvise caterer for events in TUC.  Guidelines for food at events can be found here

 Queen City Catering, is University's on-campus caterer.    Queen City Catering menus offers  popular choices from healthy mindful options to themed international cuisine and menus to adapt to various dietary needs. 


  • Bake Sales
    • All baked good must be home made. No cream cheese or cream filled items are permitted.
  • Potluck style meals are not permitted.  

Facilities management provides services for outdoor events. To request the service, a work order detailing event needs must be placed in advance. For additional questions, call 513-558-2500. If a work order has not been placed in advance, services cannot be planned. The personnel will evaluate needs with your group relative to the space being reserved. A charge will be billed to the student organization requesting services. For large events, a planning meeting between CES, facilities, public safety and the student organization is held so all details can be reviewed and finalized.

Public Safety is notified of all events on campus and they may deem it necessary to have security present. Events that are over 2000 people and serving alcohol must have security presence.  For other events, the decision whether security will be assigned, and if it is a police officer or a security officer, is made by the office of Public Safety. To be knowledgeable about the process and cost, you should request an estimate at the website. Your organization will be billed for the assignment. CES recommends you request a cost estimate for security.

  • Chalking is permitted by registered student organizations only on Bearcat Commons sidewalks. No permission is necessary.
  • Chalking elsewhere on campus may incur clean up costs by grounds to the hosting organization. 
  • No chalking on pavers permitted. 
  • Offensive chalking is prohibited and the individual or sponsor organization will incur cleanup fees when grounds removes it.
  • Only water-soluble chalk may be used.

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Please find information on hosting Non-University events here