Summer Conferences & Camps

Welcome to the University of Cincinnati! We are thrilled to invite you and/or your group to stay with us this summer. We serve UC Faculty, Staff and external groups needing services during the summer.

The University of Cincinnati is located in Uptown Cincinnati, Ohio. UC offers a convenient and affordable summer lifestyle - all in a vibrant urban setting. We offer overnight accommodation for Summer Conferences, Camps, and visiting faculty/staff.

Conference & Event Services works jointly with Housing, Dining Services, and Residence Life to assist with all your summer conferencing needs. Our professional conference staff will arrange housing, dining services, parking and Recreation Center access for your group. We are also glad to help with arrangements for the use of other campus facilities and services.

Overnight Residential Halls

First check-in date: Monday, May 20, 2024
Last check-out date: Saturday, August 3, 2024

  • Residential Hall availability varies per calendar year.
  • If you make a specific hall request, every effort is made to accommodate the needs of your group.
  • Conference Assistants are hired to support Summer Conferences, and live in the hall. They are resources for your chaperones and guests and will respond to safety issues and requests in the hall. They assist with check in and check out processes.
  • Swipe cards are programmed with hall access and meals that have been pre-ordered and are provided to guests at check-in.
  • Room door keys are provided to each pre-registered guest in a room.
  • Personal toiletries are not supplied in the halls. There are two convenience stores on campus if your guests forget to pack something.
  • Conference Staff is on hand to assist guests during their stay.

Residential Hall Rates

Residential Hall Rates
Type   Rate (per person, per night)  
Traditional - Double   $35  
Traditional - Single   $39  
Apartment/Suite - Double   $40  
Apartment/Suite - Single   $79 (very limited)  

Additional Fees

  • Parking Pass is available on campus, with unlimited in-and-out privileges to one garage for the duration of your pass.
  • The Campus Recreation Center provides special per person for groups over 18 years of age. For groups with Minors, please reach out to Campus Rec Center directly.
  • Damages to rooms and to public areas in the hall will be documented and assessed to the program sponsoring the group.
  • Lost keys will be documented and assessed to the entity that registers and pays for the room. 
  • A 10% Service Fee will be added to the final invoice for External Groups
  • Cancellation fees will be assessed.   
Additional Fees
Item Rate
Parking Pass $35 per week
Rec Center Pass $15 per week
Lost Key $80 each
Lost Key Card $5 each

Dining Services

  • Food rates are typically determined in spring in accordance to the contract with the university's food service vendor.
  • Group meal reservations are made through the Conference & Event Services office.
  • Group participants receive meal cards that are pre-loaded with the meals ordered per week. Large groups (100+) can receive a group meal card instead of the individual meal cards. Cards are presented at the dining center register to gain access.
  • The sponsoring entity is billed for the guaranteed meals and any additional meals above the guarantee.
  • Catering service for banquets, picnics, and meetings can be coordinated with Queen City Catering. 
  • Non-service days/hours are available upon request only. Additional fees will apply. Contact Conference & Services for a quote.
  • The dining center will offer limited service on Memorial Day & July 4.
  • Individuals can purchase any meal at the register with cash or credit card. In addition, Tangeman University Center has a food court with quick options available during the day. 
  • For long term guests, we offer a Campus Dining Pass.  

2024 Dining Center Rates 

Daily Rates

Single-meal rates at dining centers
Meal Rate
Breakfast $7.75
Lunch/Brunch $11.00
Dinner $12.75
3-meal Discount $30.00

Campus Dining Pass Rates

Campus Dining Pass Rates
Meal Plan Rate
100 meals $1,014
65 meals $658
48 meals $486
36 meals $365
All Access $2,603

Billing Options

  • Groups hosting a roster of overnight guests will be invoiced at the end of the program. Expenses may include: Beds, Parking, Meals, Linens, Recreation Center, etc.
  • CES can create an online registration website, where the guest pays for individual housing via credit card, prior to arrival. Contact CES for a quote.
  • There is a set-up fee ($200) charged to the organizer for this option, as well as per-person fees billed to the program organizer after the program has ended. 
  • A program director will be assigned to your organizer to assist with building the website and supplying reports to the organizer and communications to the guest.  

Program Staff Responsibilities

  • Program sponsors are to review university and residence hall rules with guests. UC programs can find these guides online. 
  • In the summer no overnight visitors are permitted. Occupants are sponsored and are known to the hall staff; visitors are not. The group sponsor will be notified if this situation arises. 
  • Guests are permitted in lobby areas only and need to be met by current occupant if they go further into the hall. All guests, including parents, must be escorted by occupants to gain access inside the hall. Use the front desk to drop of items or leave messages if the person you are trying to visit is unavailable to meet.

Summer Conference Housing Staff Responsibilities

  • The offices of University Housing and Food Services will provide sufficient staff in halls to manage check-in and check-out procedures. 
  • Conference Assistants (CA) will staff the front hall desk. 
  • CAs provide instructional signage inside the building. 
  • CAs and other hall staff will be trained and ready to assist with emergencies.  
  • We take our role seriously when considering safety inside the hall. Therefore, hall staff are trained to ask questions of people identifying themselves as guests, even parents. Staff have authority to restrict access inside the hall. 


  • Programs with Minors must follow the UC Minors on Campus Policy.
  • Groups with participants under eighteen years of age (herein “Minors”) will need to provide at least one (1) chaperone or adult per every twenty-five (25) Minors in the group. Groups shall provide their own chaperones.
  • Chaperones must stay overnight with minors in the residence hall. The program should budget for this expense. Single rooms cannot be guaranteed; chaperones may need to share rooms. Chaperones are assigned rooms near their group and on the same floor.
  • There is to be at least one (1) chaperone at the residence hall before specified check-in of the first minor's arrival; the chaperone(s) are also to be the last guest to check-out, should the program have minors in the halls, to ensure a supervised exit from campus.
  • Chaperones are to supervise the minors in the halls. The program sponsoring the minors will be charged for any damages incurred in the residence hall. Conference staff will assess the damages. 
  • Minors must be accompanied by program chaperones at all times on campus. The program should have an adequate amount of chaperones for the size of the group and gender break down. 
  • Chaperones with minors must have cleared a Criminal Background Check. 
  • CAs will write Incident Reports for unusual situations occurring in the halls. A copy of the report will be provided to the program coordinator if the incident involves a member of their program. 
  • The University of Cincinnati Police Department (UCPD) can be reached at 513-556-1111 in case of an emergency needing response from police, fire or medical personnel. Call this number instead of 911 on your cell phone on campus to avoid being sent to another jurisdiction.
  • In case of a fire or other emergency requiring evacuation, leave the building in a calm, orderly fashion. In case a weather emergency is spotted in the area, proceed to a safe location in your hall located at marked areas and stairwells and hallways with no windows.
  • Notify the front desk staff, as soon as possible if an issue arises that impacts your stay with us. You may be asked to submit an incident report.
  • Campus visitors are strongly encouraged to travel in groups, particularly during the evening hours. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.
  • Guests are encouraged to keep their doors locked at all times, even when going down the hall to use the restroom.
  • Always lock your bike and attach it to a bike rack. U-locks are recommended over cable locks. Lock bikes through the tire as tightly as possible.
  • Blue Lights are avaliable throughout campus should a dangerous situation occur; for use follow the insturctions on Blue Light Help Post. If a situation were to unravel please move to a safe area and/or call the emergency numbers above.