West Pavilion Catering

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Queen City Catering


Queen City Catering, the University's preferred on-campus caterer.   

Special events connect guests to the University of Cincinnati and create a culture of entertaining on campus. From simple snacks to conference meals and important celebrations, Queen City Catering Co. can assist you with all of your catering needs and allow you to be a confident host.

Our catering menus list popular choices from healthy mindful options to themed international cuisine and menus to adapt to various dietary needs. 

Important Information

  • Clients will work directly with a CES event coordinator (513-558-1810) to arrange food, beverages and linens.
  • All food, beverages and linens can be provided by Queen City Catering, the preferred caterer for Nippert Stadium West Pavilion.
  • Client must provide final menu selection ten business days prior to event start date. 
  • Client must provide final guarantee of the food and beverage order five business days prior to event start date.
  • Catering orders will be billed based on final guarantee or actual numbers, whichever is higher. Failure to follow the catering guidelines may result in a 10 percent default fee.
  • Student organization catering discounts do not apply in West Pavilion.

Queen City Catering Policies

Programs with alcoholic beverages passed, served, or sold are subject to the below guidelines, taken from the university’s alcohol policy regarding on-campus use.

  • Alternative beverages and food are required.
  • Events may not begin before 11 a.m., end after 12 a.m., or be longer than five hours.
  • Events may not be sponsored by alcohol brand manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and/or retailers. 
  • A majority of the attendees must be 21 and older. Identification must be checked at point of sale.
  • Programs with alcoholic beverages passed, served, or sold in the indoor spaces are permitted via liquor licenses and/or permits held by Aramark’s Corry Street Catering, the preferred caterer.
  • Client is responsible for the conduct of all event attendees.
  • Events with alcohol will have a Security Officer present and will be charged the Security Fee. 

For catered meals, we require finalized menus and foods selections ten business days prior to the event start date. Orders placed outside of these deadlines may be subject to additional fees. However, we will make every effort to accommodate your requests.

The guarantee or final guest count is due 3 business days prior to the event. If no guarantee or final guest count is provided, your estimated attendance becomes your guarantee. Final billing is based on your guarantee or actual guest attendance, whichever is greater. 

List pricing includes single use serviceware; a quote can be provided for alternate serviceware. Prices are subject to change based on meeting guest minimums and product availability. Prices reflect services available during normal business days in accordance with the university calendar. Events held on campus holidays and breaks may require a custom quote.

An event consultation is recommended for complex events, events with complex logistics as well as events desiring custom planning.

We are proud of our stewardship in providing fresh sustainable offerings and purchasing seasonal regionally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Please discuss your menu preferences with our event specialists; a quote will be provided upon request for a chef-designed menu focusing on local, seasonal ingredients.

The 50% Student Organization catering policy does not apply in in West Pavilion.

China Serviceware

Premium disposable serviceware is standard for all receptions and hot buffets that are held in Nippert Stadium West Pavilion. White china service is available for an additional charge listed below.


  • Reception China and Silverware: $3.00 per guest
  • Coffee/Beverage/Bar China Service:  $1.00 per guest

Linen Service

Linen service is included for catered events held in Nippert Stadium West Pavilion, upon request, for no additional charge. This service includes lap length tablecloths for round tables based on eight guests per table and table linens and linens for standard size buffet tables. Standard color choices for linen napkins and lap length tablecloths are: red, white or black. Other choices are available by special order.


  • 85x85" Tablecloth: $6.00 per linen
  • 52X114" Tablecloth: $6.00 per linen
  • 120" round Tablecloth (drapes a 5' table to floor length): $20.00 per linen
  • Napkin: $1.00 per napkin

Catering staff will be provided for all served meals; service fees are added based on the length of your event. Servers are not included within the prices within the Queen City Catering Co. menus. The event coordinator will advise appropriate levels of staff to maintain quality and will add to the catering confirmation. Quotes for staffing are based on meeting Queen City Catering Co. standards for service.

Continental breakfasts, breaks, buffets, and receptions are priced for self-service; servers may be added for an additional fee. The addition of china and glassware may require the addition of service staff; a quote will be provided. 

The charge for each staff member for an event up to two-hours is:

  • Attendants/Waitstaff: $100.0 per waitstaff (per 2-hour event); $25.00 per each additional hour perwaitstaff
  • Station Chefs: $150.00 per chef (per 2-hour event): $37.50 per each additional hour per chef
  • Bartender: $150.00 per bartender (per 2-hour event): $37.50 per each additional hour per bartender
Additional servers are available for an additional fee. Staffing Standards
Type of Event Service Personnel to Guest Ratio
Served Plated Meal
Served Plated Meal with Wine
1 per 20
1 per 15
Enhanced Service Plated Meal
Enhanced Service Plated Meal with Wine
1 per 15
1 per 12
Buffet Meal with China
Buffet Meal with Disposables
1 per 30
1 per 40
Reception (No Passing) with China
Reception (No Passing) with Disposables
1 per 40
1 per 75
Bar Service – Full Bar 1 per 75
Bar Service – Beer and Wine 1 per 100

Expedited Orders

Expedited orders often incur additional labor and overtime of our staff. Labor costs associated with expedited orders will be outlined within the event confirmation.

Cancellations are due a minimum of 4 business days prior to the event. Cancellation of custom items may be billed for expenses incurred. 

Weather Cancellations: Please be in touch if a weather event may impact a planned event. If the University closes or delays due to inclement weather, all impacted catering events are automatically cancelled. Weather impacted cancellation of custom items may be billed for expenses incurred. 

Please advise the event coordinator of all dietary restrictions that require accommodation. Queen City Catering Co. is not an allergen-free facility; guests with severe allergies should be alerted to maintain safety. Dietary restrictions are requested a minimum of one (1) week in advance. Every effort will be made to accommodate all dietary requests provided within established timelines while maintaining seamless service. Questions about dietary accommodations should be directed to the catering manager or chef in advance of the event. 

Please advise if any guests require mobility accommodation for proper set up for safety and comfort.

Other Catering Options