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On-Campus Preferred  Caterer

Queen City Catering, the University's preferred on-campus caterer.   

Special events connect guests to the University of Cincinnati and create a culture of entertaining on campus. From simple snacks to conference meals and important celebrations, Queen City Catering Co. can assist you with all of your catering needs and allow you to be a confident host.

Our catering menus list popular choices from healthy mindful options to themed international cuisine and menus to adapt to various dietary needs. 

Place your order online for routine catering events. 

For complex events, events with complex logistics or important guests, contact our catering director to set up a meeting for an event consultation and custom event proposal.


Benefits to using Queen City Catering, the preferred on-campus caterer:  

  • Convenient for UC departments and organizations, as they are located on-campus and have access to catering equipment and facilities on-site.   
  • Catering contracts with preferred caterer do not have to be approved by General Counsel.

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