Other Venues

There are a variety of meeting and event options on campus. Many of these spaces are not found in the 25Live system. If you would like information on one of these spaces, please contact the person associated with that space listed below.

Uptown West Campus

Contact Information for Uptown West Campus Venues
Location Name Number
African American Cultural Research Center (AARC) Ewaniki Moore-Hawkins 556-1177
Alumni Center Diana Miller  556-4344 
Annie Laws (Teachers 407)  Tiffany Chin  556-4106 
Athletics/Armory Fieldhouse/Outdoor fields  André Seoldo 556-2170
Baldwin (647, 746, 747, 756) Kathleen Davis 556-0722

CEAS - Victory Parkway Campus

CEAS Main Campus - 7 Computer Classrooms

Kathleen Davis  556-0722 
Campus Rec Center Nick Lumpkin 556-0708
Career Development Center  Patti Carroll  556-3061
Lindner College of Business/Lindner Plaza Rachel Bednar 556-7003 
CCM Rayburn Dobson 556-9460

Brian Verkamp (Labs)

Tiffany Chin 



CECH Computer Classrooms Brian Verkamp  556-2336
College of Law (Closes at 5 p.m.) 

Lori Strait

Lisa Britt (A/V) 



DAAP Dan Dugen 556-2938
Edwards 4125 (Conference Room) Amber Borden 558-5584
Electronic Classroom Services (ECSS) Services 556-1977
Engineering and Research (ERC) Rich Koch 556-0028
College of Business/Lindner Plaza Rachel Bednar 556-7003
Max Kade Center   556-2752
McMicken Hall   556-5860
Meyers Gallery   556-2839
Mick & Mack’s Contemporary Café   556-3653
Shoemaker (5/3 Arena)

André Seoldo

Evan Desjardins



Steger Student Life Center (SSLC) (6th  floor) Patty Speed 556-6115
University Pavilion 3rd  floor Conference Room Kim Titus 556-1439
Van Wormer Catherine Smith 556-4336
Zimmer Auditorium (charge for AV) Jason Litmer 556-5259

Uptown Medical Campus

Contact Information for Uptown Medical Campus Venues
Name Number

Care Crawley/Medical College/

Kresge Auditorium 

Erin Groting 558-7391
College of Nursing (Procter Hall)  Kiana Million 558-4416
College of Pharmacy  Laura Carnaghi 558-7869

Medical Campus/Crawley

Kresge Auditorium

Erin Groting 558-7391
Kingsgate Conference Center Main Desk 487-3800

University Hall

(3rd  floor meeting rooms and 4th floor training rooms)

Human Resources 556-6381
Vontz Auditorium Scheduling 558-6472

Other Campuses

Contact Information for Other Campus Venues 
Location Name Number
1819 Innovation Hub Tony Almaguer 556-4842
Blue Ash Campus Cynthia Porter 936-1732
Care Crawley/Medical College/ Kresge Auditorium  Erin Groting 558-7391
College of Nursing (Procter Hall) Kiana Million 558-4416
College of Pharmacy  Laura Carnaghi 558-7869
Clermont Campus  Judy Quillen 732-5224
Kingsgate Conference Center  Main Desk 487-3800
MDI- UC Reading Campus Pam Koski 558-2401
University Hall (3rd and 4th floors)  Human Resources 556-6381
Victory Parkway Campus (Admin)  Minnie Easley 556-6580
Victory Parkway Camppus (Classrooms)  MaryPat Buck  556-1986