Using the 25Live Pro Event Scheduling System

Instructions for Requesting an Event/Location in 25Live

Accessing 25Live

  • Access the university's 25Live Pro.
  • Recommended browsers are Monzilla Firefox and Google Chrome
  • Select the option to Sign In located in the top ribbon
  • You will be prompted to login: use your UC username and password

Create an Event

  • Click the blue box on the left – Try New Event Format to change to the new Event Wizard (until cutover)
  • Click the Event Form in the top ribbon


  • Click the Create an Event on the 25Live Pro tab

Stepping through the Event Wizard

  • As you step through the Event Wizard, required fields are identified (identified with a red asterisk)
  • Information for each field, can be accessed, by clicking on the next to the field name
  • Events can only be entered through the end of the current academic year. In March of each year, the next academic year becomes available to enter events
  • On the left hand side are hot links to the Event Wizard fields

Start by entering the basic event information

  • Event Name – Enter a name that clearly describes the event
  • Event Title for Published (Web) Calendars – The Event Title will replace the Event
  • Name (above) on all published calendars on the University of Cincinnati website
  • Event Type – Select the Event Type that best describes the event
  • Sponsoring Organization for this Event – Use a key word to search for the organization responsible for the event
  • Additional Organization for this Event – Use a key word to search for any additional organization(s) that may be involved with the event
  • Expected Attendance – Enter the expected attendance for the event
  • Event Description – Enter additional information about the event. This information will be displayed on published calendars. Grammar, punctuation and clarity matter. The event description allows for formatting of your text, but it is recommended that you do not use these features.

Enter Date(s) and Time

  • Start Date and Time – Enter the first date of your event and the actual start and end times
  • Additional Time – Enter additional time if needed for setup or takedown by event organizer or for mingling before or after the event. The approver of the location will add additional set up time if needed for actual setup of the location.

If your event has more than one occurrence

  • These occurrences must be at the same time for all days. If your event has multiple occurrences that happen at different times, create separate events for each time.
  • If selecting ad hoc dates, select dates on the calendar
  • If selecting a pattern, select Repeating Pattern and choose Ad hoc, Daily, Weekly or Monthly and enter additional information on the repeating pattern

Find and select locations

  • Search by location name, if you know the location you want for your event
  • Search by Saved Searches and select Public Searches to search by a defined set of locations
  • If Hide Locations with Conflicts is checked, only available locations will be shown
  • If Enforce Headcount is checked, only locations that will accommodate your head count will be shown
  • Request = available for all dates
  • Request Available = available for some of the dates requested; click into Conflict Details to check date availability
  • Unavailable = not available for any dates
  • Request will assign for all dates
  • Request Available will only assign date available
  • If the Request Available location is needed for one date and the Request location is selected for the other date, remove unneeded locations

For example, if 2925CGD 108 is requested for both dates;

  • Click on View Occurrences for 2925CGD 108 to remove the Sep 17 date since 2925CGD 109 is assigned for that date
  • Remove the Sep 17 date by unselecting the date since 2925CBD 109 is requested for that date
  • To be sure all dates are requested correctly, click on Preview in bottom left corner; this view gives you a concise overview of your event

Find and select resources

  • At this time, the only resources available are related to:
    • TUC locations, which are scheduled by Conference and Event Services
    • Resources with a room number noted are specific to that location
  • Publish to calendar – If you would like your event reviewed for publication to the university website calendar, choose the Calendar – University – Main Calendar

Add or remove attached files

  • Upload any attachments pertaining to this event request under attached files. Attachment examples – agenda for event, route for a race event, diagram for event location layout

Select day of event contact for this event

  • Day of Event Contact Name – Enter the name of the faculty, staff or student who will be at the event and responsible for the coordination of the event
  • Day of Event Contact Phone Number – Enter the above contact’s cell phone number (preferred)

Select contacts for this event

  • The Scheduler is the person (you) entering this request into 25Live, who will receive all communication regarding the event
  • The Requestor is an additional contact for the event, who will be copied on all communication regarding the event
  • The Scheduler and the Requestor may be the same person

Select requirements for this event

  • At least one requirements must be selected
  • Select all requirements that apply to this event; add additional information in the comments section
  • Public Safety will reach out to the event contact for further information if any of the first four requirements are checked. Failure to select requirements that are applicable to your event may lead to the suspension of your group’s right to schedule events.

Add additional comments and notes for this event

  • Use the comment field to provide additional instructions or event information

Terms and Conditions

  • Read the Terms & Conditions document and click I agree


You have now successfully requested an event using the 25Live scheduling system!

You will not receive an automatic email after you save your request. All events are saved in a tentative state, until you will receive an email when your event and location(s) have been confirmed from the approver of the location(s) requested. The event will then be in confirmed state.

To view your upcoming events

  • Your upcoming events will be listed on the home page (after you sign in to 25Live) under Your Upcoming Events
  • You can also search for your event by name or location on the home page Under Quick Search

Changes to events scheduled in 25Live

  • Once your event and location(s) have been confirmed by the approver of the location(s) for your event, you will receive an email from the approver
  • If any changes are needed to your event, contact the approver directly via email to request changes. Include the reference number (2018-XXXXXX) and the name of your event
  • If you do not know who the approver of your event is, email Support Services and your email will be forwarded to the approver of your event. Include the reference number (2018-XXXXXX) and the name of your event.


Questions can be directed to support services through email.