Other Catering Options

Approved Term Contract Caterers

Benefits to using an approved term contract caterer:  

  • Convenient for UC departments and organizations, as required documentation has already been submitted.   
  • Catering contracts with Term Contractors do not have to be approved by General Counsel.  
  • Caterers may have discounted rates for UC. 

* Client is responsible for ensuring the selected caterer is following all guidelines. 

External Caterers

Using a caterer that is not a preferred or term contractor caterers requires the following:  

  • Catering contract review and approval by Office of General Counsel (client cannot sign a contract) 
  • Client is responsible for ensuring the selected caterer is following all guidelines. 

Non-Preferred Catering Guidelines

Facility will provide caterers the following:

  • 6’x30” tables for food service  
  • Trash receptacles  
  • Access to electrical outlets  
  • Access to trash dumpster 
  • Access to loading area for unloading/loading (Staging catering vehicles in the loading area is not permitted).  

When using a caterer other than the Preferred On-campus Caterer, client is responsible for the following:

  • Coordination of Catering
    Clients are responsible for coordinating all catering with the selected caterer. Building hours should be reviewed and discussed with the caterer. If access is needed outside of the building hours, additional fees will be applicable. Request for access outside of building hours must be received by CES 15 business days prior to the event to ensure staffing. 

    Clients are responsible for communicating all catering needs, within 10 business days of the event, including:
    • Catering table requirements, (6’x30” tables will be provided)
    • Staging area needs   
    • Electric needs 
    • Building access needs/time, if access is needed outside the building hours, this must be communicated 15 business days prior to the event 
    • Dock access needs (TUC events only)  

  • Linens  
    All tables used for food service must be covered with a table linen/cloth. The client is responsible for securing table linens for all tables. Check with the selected caterer to verify if they provide linen service, or the local companies listed below.
  • Trash disposal and clean-up

Drop off Catering (Caterer/Commercial food provider drops off the food and client sets up the food in the space): Client is responsible for gathering trash in the event space. All trash must be placed in the trash receptacles in the space. Clients will receive an additional charge if trash is not properly gathered and placed in the receptacles.   

Attended Catering (Caterer is on-site for a buffet/served meal):  Caterer is responsible for food removal from buffet and guest tables.   Clients are responsible for ensuring the caterer disposes of the trash properly.  Clients will receive an additional charge if trash is not properly disposed of.  

  • Parking
    The client is responsible for communicating parking options with the caterer. Caterers may use the loading area to unload/load. Staging catering vehicles in the loading area during the event is not permitted. If special parking arrangements are needed, the client must make these arrangements with Parking Services

Caterers, other than the Preferred On-campus Caterer, are responsible for the following:

Arriving, delivery and setup 
Upon arrival, the caterer must contact the Building Supervisor for assistance loading-in to the facility. The Building Supervisor on duty can be reached at 513-266-8942 or 513-266-8944.  The Building Supervisor will meet you at the loading area to provide instructions for access/use of the freight elevator, if applicable. 

Food Staging Area  
Caterers will not have access to a licensed kitchen. All food must be fully cooked prior to arriving at the facility, along with all required equipment. The client should arrange with the facility a food staging area. Water/ice provision for beverages/chafing dishes/clean-up is the responsibility of the caterer. The University will provide access to electricity inside the facility for service areas, but all extension cords and equipment are to be provided by the caterer. These cords should be secured and used safely for any attendees or staff of the event. Circuits of varying capacities exist throughout the campus and should be confirmed before use by the catering staff.  

Trash disposal and clean-up  
Attended Catering Service (Caterer is on-site for a buffet/served meal):   Caterer is responsible for food removal from buffet and guest tables. Use of University dumpsters is permitted. Caterers wishing to use the dumpsters  should verify the location and proper use with the Building Supervisor before the event starts. All surface areas soiled by the caterer must be cleaned and restored to a sanitary condition. This includes counters, walls, floors, and areas where the caterer is preparing, transporting, or serving. Event clients will receive an additional charge if trash is not properly disposed of.  

Open Flames  
Sterno food warming products are permitted in the designated indoor area(s). Staff operating food-warming products must be trained in fire extinguishers by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) and the Ohio Fire Code.  No other cooking or flames are allowed without the required permit. 

Alcohol is permitted at university events, provided it is served legally and is incidental to the activity. The client is responsible for notifying Public Safety that alcohol will be served at the event. Public Safety will review the event and determine if stationed detail is necessary at the event.  If necessary, applicable fees will be charged.       

  • An Ohio liquor permit is required if an organization (i.e. UC as a whole, individual college, department, club, office, etc.) intends to provide alcohol either for sale by the drink (i.e. cash bar) or through the use of an entrance fee, cover charge, “drink ticket”, etc.   
  • An Ohio liquor permit is not required if an organization intends to provide alcohol at a private function where access is restricted to invited guests only, for which no admission fee is charged nor any alcoholic beverages sold to guests.  

 Aramark holds the State of Ohio Liquor license for Tangeman University Center.

If ANY of the following apply to the event, then Aramark must provide bar service:  

  • Open to the public  
  • Fee to attend the event  
  • Cash bar (attendees can purchase alcohol at the event)  


If ALL the following requirements are met, the external caterer can provide bar service:   

  • Closed to the public  
  • Invitation only  
  • No fee is charged to attend the event  
  • Hosted bar (no alcohol is being sold at the event) 

Individuals/Groups are not allowed to bring in their own alcohol and serve during their event. 

The university has an exclusive contract with Pepsi. All water/beverages provided by the caterer must be a Pepsi product.   Ice will not be provided.

Upon conclusion of the event, University facilities and equipment will be checked for any damage or loss. The Client/Caterer is responsible for full repair and replacement including the reasonable costs to secure the replacement or repair of any items damaged or lost due to the actions of the Caterer. This includes indoor and outdoor facilities, driveways, and lawns.