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About Conference & Event Services

The Conference & Event Services (CES) Team takes pride in offering professional event service planning and operations for the campus community and to non-university clients. It’s what we do every day. Our operations have been recognized nationally by ACCED-I, which has twice certified what we do and how we deliver.

One-Stop Shop Certified Department

The CES department is certified as a One-Stop Shop office by the Association of Collegiate Conference and Events Directors-International (ACCED-I). The University of Cincinnati is one of three universities in Ohio with One-Stop Shop Certification. A certified one-stop shop operation provides you the most effective planning atmosphere to successfully stage a collegiate conference or event. You benefit from:

  • One contact you work with to secure all university services.
  • One contract that covers all services you order from the university.
  • One bill (itemized) for all services provided by the university.

The CES Team

Headshot of Kyle Augustitus, MAE

Kyle Augustitus, MAE

Program Director


Headshot of Pat Bevis

Pat Bevis

Coordinator, Building Services & Receiving


Headshot of Ryan Gaerke

Ryan Gaerke

Assistant Director


Headshot of Heather Griffin

Heather Griffin

Program Director


Headshot of Amber Lovett

Amber Lovett

Program Director


Headshot of Katy Marston

Katy Marston

Associate Director


Headshot of Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller



Headshot of Ethan Portune

Ethan Portune

Program Manager


Headshot of Adam Wiles

Adam Wiles

Program Manager