COVID-19 Updates:

COVID-19 Announcements

Refund Information


As communicated by the email sent to all students on March 23, 2020:

The university will return a pro-rata share of the cost of parking permits that have been previously purchased in full for the current academic semester. The pro-rata basis reimbursement for those already paid in full for parking will extend from March 25, 2020, through the end of the spring semester. The reimbursement will go on the student account. No action needs to be taken by the student.


Because of the recent changes in campus operations, wherein many faculty and staff are working remotely in order to maintain UC's educational mission while seeking to contain the spread of COVID-19, the university will provide a reimbursement, on a pro-rata basis, to those employees with an automatic paycheck deduction for parking.

The pro-rata March 2020 reimbursement will cover the time period of March 25 through the end of the month. That pro-rata reimbursement will appear on April paychecks. (The reimbursement will appear on April paychecks because changes in campus operations occurred too late to alter March paychecks. Thus, expect to see the usual automatic deductions to employees' March 2020 paychecks.)

However, no automatic paycheck deductions for parking will be made in either April or May 2020.

If you will be returning to work upon the resumption of normal activities there is nothing you need to do.  If you were planning on returning your permit for summer semester, please complete the cancellation request form.

If  you have already submitted a request, you can check on the status of your permit by going to our homepage and clicking on the "View My Account" button. Log in with your central login and scroll down to View My Permits. Any active permits will be listed there. If your permit is returned, you will need to come to the Parking Office upon return to work to reactivate your parking. If your permit is not returned, and you will not be returning for the summer, please resubmit a request at the link above.


Parking Office Closed - Contact Us by Email or Phone

While our office is closed until further notice due to COVID-19, we will respond to phone messages left at 513-556-2283 or by email at, Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Student Vehicles Left on Campus

For those who have a vehicle currently parked in a garage, you may keep the vehicle in the garage while gates are up. Once we return to normal operations, any individual parked will need to have an active permit. We will send out email notification prior to resuming normal operations. Please note:  any student that had an active permit for Spring Semester will still be able to get in/out of the garage if gates come down before May 9.

Fall Semester Permits

Fall semester permits were scheduled to go on sale May 14. With information changing daily regarding COVID-19, we have decided to postpone those sales until a later date. Announcements will be made in advance of the start date.

Questions? Leave a message at 513-556-2283 or email parking Our staff will be checking both Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

Visitor Parking Tracker

Visiting campus?  See live stats on visitor availability below

Scroll through to see how full visitor parking is right now in each location! Note: University Avenue Level 1 is ADA parking only, with a valid state placard.

Permit holder? 
If the sign says FULL, you can still go in!


Police Non-Emergency


Motorist Assistance

Uptown Campus Office:
Closed Temporarily. Responding by email and 513-556-2283 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday - Friday.

4 Edwards Center
51 Corry Boulevard
Cincinnati, OH  45221-0624

Regional Campus Numbers

UC Blue Ash College:
UC Clermont College:

Let's Talk: Driving & Walking Distractions

Asleep at the Wheel: Don't Do It

How much sleep did you get last night? If it’s less than 4 hours, you’re 10x more at risk for a driving accident. Make sure that you’re hitting the hay and getting enough Z’s – tired driving is just as dangerous as driving under the influence! 



Motorist Assistance Program

For assistance, call 513-556-1111.

  • Unlocks 
  • Jump starts

Self-Service Air Compressor

air compressor location behind french hall

The air compressor is located behind French Hall near Dabney,


Vehicle Break-In Prevention Tips

In a matter of 30 seconds, a thief can break into your car and steal your valuables, but it only takes 20 seconds to put your valuables in your trunk and/or out of sight. By taking these anti-theft measures and reporting suspicious behavior, UC community members can help prevent vehicle burglaries.

  • Always lock your car doors and roll up your windows
  • Place all valuables in your trunk or under your seat
  • Do not leave brackets to GPS units or wires to electronics in plain sight
  • Do not leave any valuables inside the vehicle
  • Report suspicious persons to Public Safety immediately
  • Activate Blue Help phones if you see persons who look out of place in parking garages

More safety information may be found on the Public Safety website.

Electric Vehicle Charging


Go Green!

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Parking Services is committed to the support of sustainability initiatives such as the use of Electric Vehicles (EV) by providing charging stations. To allow access for multiple users, the following guidelines have been established.

  • There is a four (4) hour maximum usage per day on the standard charging stations, and one (1) hour maximum on the fast charging station.
  • Vehicle must be charging to be parked at an EV station.
  • Parking Services is not responsible for damage caused by improper charging of an electric vehicle. 

EV Charging Stations Locations

A valid University of Cincinnati parking permit is required to use the standard charging stations at

  • Clifton Court Garage
  • Panzeca Way (roadway that runs behind the west side of Eden Garage)
  • Corry Garage

The fast charging station is open to anyone and is located on Daniels Street, next to Daniels Hall.

Did You Know?

Help Phone

200 emergency phones are located throughout the Uptown campuses, easily identified by their blue color and light. The UC Police monitor the phones 24 / 7, and respond to emergency or other traffic/parking or police matters.

See additional safety tips.

Campus speed limit

For the safety of our students, visitors, faculty and staff, the speed limit on campus is 15 miles per hour.