At Parking Services, our job is to manage the parking needs of the university, while providing excellent customer service. Our policies and procedures are designed to help alleviate parking and traffic issues, while keeping motorists and pedestrians safe. We strive to design policies to make parking safe and accessible for everyone who visits our campus.

Sign-up Form / Communications

From athletic events to construction and service improvements, there are many times when access to particular parking garages and lots will need to be temporarily modified, or campus roadways are impacted.

If you are a permit holder, you will be notified of these short-term changes through email.

If you are not a permit holder, but visit campus frequently, you may sign-up to receive email communications about events that impact parking on campus.

You can also check out our events calendar to see the latest information regarding garage access during events.

User Services

Parking Services currently offers the following services to the university community:

  • The Public Safety Motorist Assistance Program for unlocks, jump-starts, and inflating flat tires. For assistance, contact 513-556-1111.
  • When a citation is written for 'no permit displayed,' a one-time courtesy void is available to all university faculty, staff, students, and visitors. Contact the Parking Office at parking/ or 513-556-2283 for further information. 
  • Lost your car? It's easy to do with over 11,000 parking spaces on the Uptown campuses. Come to the Parking Office at 4 Edwards Center and we will be happy to help you locate your car. 
  • Snow removal from lots, garages, and drives (101 acres) is the responsibility of Parking Services. Every effort is made to clear and de-ice all surfaces. Sidewalks, plazas, and other pedestrian-only areas are cleared by Facilities Management.
  • Golf Cart Departmental Rental for faculty and staff. Find complete information in Bearcats Landing, including options, easy reservations, how to plan, convenient return, how-to video and more!


Voucher Pass Order Form

Visitor Parking will be charged to the designated department's account as vouchers are used. You may wish to use our convenient form to track vouchers through the accounting process.

Your visitors may appreciate a copy of the instructions on how to use the vouchers. Print several pages, and cut them into quarters.

Parking Services requires five business days' notice for all orders.

An expedite service fee of $25 will be assessed to all orders requested with than less than five (5) business days notice.

An expedite fee of $40 will be assessed to all same day orders.

Special Event Parking Request Form

The Special Parking Request Form is used to request parking for an event on campus for an individual or group of people who need to park, but are not affiliated with the university and do not have valid parking permits.  It is also used for special parking circumstances (e.g., loading/unloading, dock access, etc.).

Special Parking Request Form Instructions

When submitting a special parking request form, please complete the form in its entirety as applicable to your event. If there is information you would like to include but there is no defined area, please add information to the comment section and submit.

If paying by credit card, please do not enter your credit card information on this form as it is only needed when picking up your request.

Special Parking - Non-Event

The Special Parking Request Form is designed for requests for campus parking for members of the university community and those not affiliated with the university with special parking circumstances.

Special Parking permits can include dock permits, permits for loading and unloading, etc. These permits must be requested in advance and approved by Parking Services. Parking Services requires five business days notice for all orders.

An expedite fee of $25 will be assessed to all orders requested with less than five (5) busines days notice.

An expedite fee of $40 will be assessed to all same day orders.

1819 Coupons Form

The 1819 Coupons Request form allows occupants of the 1819 Innovation Hub to give their visitors a code to use at the pay station. The occupant will be charged or billed for the visitor’s parking expense. You can submit a request for them below. Please read the instructions carefully.

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