Entrance to CCM parking garage.

CCM Event Parking

During major College-Conservatory of Music events, CCM Garage will be $10 cash on entry. Parking passes may be prepurchased from the CCM Box Office. Rates for CCM events are subject to change based on other campus events. 

CCM Event Parking

  • Cost: $10
  • Takes place for all events where more than 200 patrons are expected.
  • CCM parking staff are on-site for these events.
  • When events are scheduled, all visitors pay the event rate as they enter the CCM Garage whether or not they are attending the event.
  • Exit gates will be open at the conclusion of the event.
  • Parking passes may be prepurchased from the CCM Box Office or purchased by cash on entry.

Hourly Parking

Weekday Rates

Hourly* garage rates
Time (Hours)
0 - 1 $3.00
1 - 1.5 $6.00
1.5 - 2 $7.00
2 - 2.5 $8.00
2.5 - 3 $9.00
3 - 24   $10.00 (Maximum)

Evening and Weekend Rates

Evening and weekend* garage rates
Days Rate Per Day
Monday - Friday, enter after 3 p.m. 
Saturday - Sunday $5.00

Hourly Parking Payment

Pay Stations

Pay station sign on brick wall in parking garage. It reads, pay station on one, take your ticket, use pay station before returning to vehicle.
  • Take your ticket with you when leaving your vehicle
  • Signs in each facility will identify the location of the Pay Station.
  • Payment must be made at the Pay Station prior to returning to your vehicle if paying with cash.
  • The Pay Stations will accept cash payments of $1, $5, $10 and $20, as well as credit cards and a Bearcat Card.
  • Credit card payments may be made at the exit gate.
  • Visitors receiving vouchers may proceed directly to the exit lanes.
  • Insert ticket/receipt as indicated at the exit

Parking Alternatives

Other UC Garages

CCM patrons may choose to park at any of the garages on UC's West Campus. The alternate garage closest to CCM is the Calhoun Garage, located on Calhoun Street. More information on other UC garages.

Street Parking

Street Parking is available in the area surrounding the University. The locations nearest to CCM are on Calhoun Street, McMillan Avenue and Clifton Avenue. City of Cincinnati meters are in effect Monday-Saturday 8 a.m. until 9 p.m.