Uptown Student Parking

All students, including freshmen, are able to have a car on campus. Students must purchase a permit at the beginning of each semester to park on campus. The cost of the permit parking is added to the student bill through Catalyst. The cost varies depending on the garage. Remote parking options are also available at a lower rate.

If you arrive on campus and the sign for your permitted garage says FULL, space is still available for permit holders. The FULL sign is directed towards visitors to campus.

Students have the option to pay the daily rate in campus garages with cash, Bearcat Card or credit card. If the FULL sign is lit, you will need to proceed to another facility. Use our convenient Visitor Tracker to find real-time availability.

The campus is pedestrian friendly with many shopping, entertainment and restaurant options within walking distance.

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Student Permits

When to Purchase

Student permits are purchased online by semester. There are no annual permits. Semester permits will be available for sale/registration on the following schedule:

  • December 1 - Spring Semester
  • April 1 - Summer Semester
  • July 1 - Fall Semester 

Note: the Fast Pass is valid for every semester you purchase a permit, throughout your time at UC. Fast Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

How to Access Parking


All garage permit holders use their UC ID/Bearcat Card to access their assigned facility. At the entry and exit gates, students should wave their ID across the sensor. For the greatest convenience, a Fast Pass can be hung on the rear view mirror and will automatically open the gates.


Parking Services uses license plate recognition (LPR) to verify that someone has a permit to park in a lot. Your vehicle license plate is considered your permit, so make sure your vehicle information is always kept updated in the system. Any vehicles not linked to a permit will receive a citation.

Freshman Parking

Yes, freshmen are allowed to bring cars to campus. The real question is, do they really need it? Consider these thoughts and transportation alternatives before making the decision.

  • As an urban campus, almost everything you need is within walking distance.
  • Many freshmen don't end up using their vehicles as much as they expected to, and their permit ends up being an expensive storage fee.
  • Many alternative campus and area transportation options are available, including:


The cost of student parking permits will be added to the student's university billing account through Catalyst. This billing method is especially helpful for students who rely on financial aid. 

Student permit holders are reminded to keep vehicle information current in the parking database, so that Parking Services can monitor and protect spaces for permit holders.

Students can still pay the daily rate in the garage by cash, Bearcat Card or credit card.


The permit holder is responsible for notifying the Parking Services office to cancel parking.

Refunds for cancelled parking are made on a prorated basis. Hangtags must be returned to the Parking Services office to receive a refund. Retroactive refunds are not offered for failure to terminate parking in a timely manner. The last day for student permit refunds are based on the following schedule:

  • Fall semester permits: Nov. 1
  • Spring semester permits: April 1
  • Summer semester permits: July 1
  • Summer short term permits: No refund after the first week of classes.

No refunds are issued for permits revoked due to misuse.

How to Return Your Permit Online

  1. Log in to the parking portal with your UC central login 
  2. Click on View Your Permits 
  3. Select the current active permit 
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on Return Permit 
  5. Complete information and click Submit 
  6. Permit Details will display, and status will change to “Returned” 

A refund will be issued to your university billing account through Catalyst. You will be required to sign up for direct deposit in Catalyst to receive your refund.

Summer Semester 2023

Uptown Campuses Summer Permit Pricing

Student Rates for Uptown Campuses Summer Semester 2023 by facility; semester status column is updated when availability of a facility becomes limited or is sold out
Sessions Dates  CCM Clifton Court, Calhoun, Kingsgate  Campus Green, Eden Ave., Stratford Heights, Woodside Eden Top, University Ave., Corry Semester Status
1st Term 5/7 - 5/28 $122 $108 $97 $71  
2nd Term 5/29 - 7/3 $201.75 $179.50 $160 $118  
3rd Term 7/4 - 8/5 $201.75 $179.50 $160 $118  
Full Term  5/7 - 8/5 $525.50 $467 $417 $306.75  
1st Half 5/7 - 6/20 $262.75 $233.50 $208.50 $153.25  
2nd Half 6/21 - 8/5 $262.75 $233.50 $208.50 $153.25  

Spring Semester 2023

Uptown West Campus

Semester permits are valid Dec. 1 - May 6. 

Student Semester Rates Uptown West Campus; semester status column is updated when availability of a facility becomes limited or is sold out
Facility Semester Rate Semester Status
CCM Garage $525.50 SOLD OUT
Calhoun Garage $467 SOLD OUT
Campus Green Garage $417  
Clifton Court Garage $467 SOLD OUT
Clifton Lot $266.75 SOLD OUT
Corry Garage $306.75 SOLD OUT
Stratford Heights Garage $417  
Stratford Lot $266.75 SOLD OUT
University Ave. Garage $306.75 SOLD OUT
Woodside Garage $417 SOLD OUT
Motorcycle parking* $60.75  

*Free for permit holders

Rates valid July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Uptown East Campus

Student Semester Rates East Campus; semester status column is updated when availability of a facility becomes limited or is sold out
Facility Semester Rate Semester Status
Digital Futures $103  
Eden Avenue Garage $417  
Eden Top Deck* $306.75 SOLD OUT
Kingsgate Garage $467  
Motorcycle parking*    $60.75  

*Free for permit holders

*Eden Top Deck must park on Levels 7 & 8 only.

Rates valid July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Evening Permits Rates

Valid Monday - Friday, 3 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.; Saturday & Sunday all day

Because evening class schedules may vary by day. Evening Permits are structured into tiers. Each tier allows access to one or more garages. For example, a Tier 2 permit would allow parkers to use Clifton Court Garage or Calhoun Garage interchangeably. Tier 3 offers the widest selection of garage locations, including Eden Garage on the Medical Campus.

Evening Permits by semester by tier - student only rates
Tier Garage(s) Full Term Price
Tier 1   CCM Garage $262.75
Tier 2 Clifton Garage, Calhoun Garage $233.50
Tier 3 Campus Green Garage, Woodside Garage, Stratford Heights Garage, Eden Garage $208.50
Tier 4 Corry Garage $154.00

Rates valid July 1, 2022 through June 30, 2023

Off-Campus Student Parking

Victory Parkway remote parking is available for $103 per semester. Space is limited and available on a first come, first served basis.

The lot is located at 2220 Victory Parkway, so if you’ve coming from Northern Kentucky or Eastern Cincinnati, this is a great way to save money on parking! Shuttle service will be available to main campus.

This option also includes evening (after 6 p.m.) and weekend access to the Campus Green Garage. If you have already purchased a permit on campus, it is still possible to switch your permit and take advantage of this option.

Save money on parking, and use your time on the shuttle to be productive!