With a high demand for parking on campus, it is important that Parking Services monitor and protect spaces for permit holders. Consistent enforcement of university parking regulations helps contribute to a safe and equitable system for all individuals driving to our campuses.

Citations can be written for anyone who does not follow parking regulations.

How To Avoid Getting A Citation

  • Follow all posted parking procedures and only park in designated areas.
  • Keep your license plate up to date on the parking website. Your license plate lets the Parking Services staff know that your car belongs in the parking facility, helps identify violators and also makes it easier to contact you in case of an emergency.



Citation payments can be made easily online. Payment is also accepted at the Parking Services Office located in 4 Edwards Center, or checks can be mailed in the envelope provided with the citation. To make a credit card payment via telephone, call the Parking Office at 513-556-2283.

Unpaid Citations

  • Fines that are not appealed or paid within ten (10) calendar days from the date the citation is written will be doubled. 
  • Individuals with unpaid citations will not be able to purchase or renew a permit.
  • Student records will be withheld until citations are paid in full.
  • Vehicles with multiple unpaid citations are subject to impoundment or immobilization, and towing, and will remain so until the citations are paid in full.


The failure of the university to insist upon strict compliance with any regulation in any one or more instances shall not be construed as a waiver for the future enforcement of any such regulation. All regulations remain in full force and are effective twenty-four-hours-a-day, seven-days-a-week including holidays.


Occasionally, extenuating circumstances may be the basis for the appeal of a citation.  The Parking Appeals Committee, consisting of faculty/staff and students from other areas within the university, make all final decisions for appeals. A citation may be appealed online or submitted in writing to the Parking Services Office. The following guidelines are in place:

  • An administrative service fee of $5 will be assessed to all appealed citations that are upheld by the Parking Appeals Committee.
  • Citations appealed within ten (10) calendar days of the citation date do not require upfront payment of the fines.
  • Citations appealed after ten (10) calendar days will require payment of all associated fees before the appeal can be processed.
  • If a citation is voided by the committee, all fines and fees paid toward that citation will be refunded.
  • If a citation is sustained by the committee, payment must be received within ten (10) calendar days from the date of the appeal notification letter sent to the email on file or the fine will be doubled. It is the appellant’s responsibility to ensure the email on record is accurate.
  • Simple errors or omissions on the citation which have no direct effect on the actual circumstances surrounding the violation are not considered grounds for cancellation of the citation.

Towing & Impoundment

University of Cincinnati Police and/or Parking Services have the authority to tow and/or impound vehicles for the facilitation of university operations and/or violation of parking regulations.

Towing and/or impoundment of a vehicle may occur when a vehicle is:

  • Blocking a fire lane or hydrant
  • Blocking a roadway, drive, dumpster, or loading dock
  • Parking on Level 1 of University Garage without a valid permit or a handicap placard properly displayed
  • Blocking a dumpster
  • Blocking other vehicles
  • Observed tailgating - following another vehicle closely to  exit a facility to avoid payment (subject to impoundment)
  • Creating a real or potential safety hazard
  • Owned or operated by an individual with outstanding delinquent parking citations and/or fees
  • Using a revoked, altered, or stolen permit
  • Parking in violation of posted signs
  • Parked in a reserved stall without proper permit or permission
  • Parked in a non-reserved ADA accessible stall without a state-issued disability placard or license plate
  • Blocking a pathway needed to facilitate university operations (e.g., construction, maintenance, emergency, etc.)
  • Parked in an area reserved for event management. Signs will be posted at least 24 hours in advance

If an individual is observed raising a gate arm to exit a facility or using a vehicle to damage property, the vehicle will be subject to impoundment, and the individual will be charged for every vehicle that exits the facility until normal operations are restored. Individuals are financially responsible for damage caused to gate or other equipment.

Abandoned Vehicles

Vehicles remaining on university property for more than 72 hours without a valid university permit will be considered abandoned. Abandoned vehicles may be towed and/or impounded at the owner's expense. Unclaimed abandoned vehicles may be sold at public auction 30 days after notice. It is the driver's responsibility to contact parking services if he/she knows the vehicle will be left unattended for more than 72 hours.

Impounded Vehicles

Impounded vehicles will be assessed a daily storage fee. Total payment of outstanding fines, delinquent fees, impound fees and towing charges must be paid in order to release the vehicle. Personal checks will not be accepted as a means of payment.

If a tow truck driver is called to move a vehicle and the driver appears before the vehicle is towed, and agrees to pay all outstanding obligations, the vehicle will not be towed; however the individual remains responsible for the tow charge.

Vehicles With Handicapped Placards/Plates

Individuals with valid handicapped placards/plates are expected to follow all parking policies, laws, and rules, including those implemented for special events. If reasonable, in lieu of towing, vehicles with valid handicapped placards/plates that are improperly parked will be ticketed and the owner/operator will be required to resolve the ticket with parking services. After three (3) unresolved tickets, parking services will place a boot on the vehicle and the owner/operator must resolve the unpaid tickets prior to removal of the boot.

In the event that a vehicle with valid handicapped placard/plates is towed, the vehicle will be moved to the closest available location and university police will be notified. Efforts will be made to contact the owner/operator prior to towing the vehicle. If the owner/operator cannot be located, a note will be left where the vehicle was originally parked so the owner/operator will be aware of the situation and has a contact number for expeditious resolution.