UC Blue Ash Student Parking

Parking Policies

Parking Registration by Semester

You may register for your semester parking beginning on the following dates (see below).

  • Summer semester - April 1
  • Fall semester -  July 1
  • Spring semester - Dec. 1

Registration Details

  • Parking registration is required for all vehicles parking on the UC Blue Ash (UCBA) campus. 
  • Parking Services uses license plate recognition (LPR) to verify that someone has registered to park in a lot. Your vehicle license plate is considered as your permit, so make sure your vehicle information is always kept updated in the system. Any vehicles not linked to a parking account will receive a citation.
  • Only UCBA students are permitted to register for a UCBA student parking. 
  • The cost for parking is included with your UCBA fees.
  • Student parking registration allows for parking in the white-lined stalls located in all of the UC Blue Ash parking lots. Yellow or green-lined stalls are considered reserved and individuals parking in them may be ticketed. 
  • Student parking registration allows for parking in the ADA parking stalls with state issued ADA placard, located in all of the UC Blue Ash parking lots. Yellow or green-lined stalls are considered reserved and individuals parking in them may be ticketed. 
  • Students with UC Blue Ash parking registration have reciprocity parking privileges on the uptown campuses.
  • UCBA students who live on the Uptown West campus and require parking, MUST purchase a West campus permit. Reciprocity parking is available on UC Blue Ash campus.

Blue Ash Citations Issued Prior to July 1, 2020

Citations issued prior to July 1, 2020 will not be managed through the parking portal, but by the Blue Ash College payment portal.

Registering For Parking Online

You will need to register for parking through our parking portal. While, there will be no charge, it gives us the necessary information to register your parking space. Below are some helpful tips before getting started.

  • Make sure to have your vehicle information ready. License Plate, Make, Model and Color are required in the registration process.
  • You can register more than one car on your parking registration, however, only one vehicle can be parked at a time.
  • Keep vehicle information current throughout the year. This helps us ensure space for registered customers, and makes it easier to contact you in case of emergency.

College Credit Plus Student Parking

All students coming to campus will need some proof of parking privileges. We understand that some students may not require parking for the entire semester, so we’ve developed multiple options to meet your parking needs on campus this semester.  

  1. If you will be on campus 3 times or less for the semester, you will not need to pay for parking. You will receive a printable PDF permit from us that lists the dates you will be parked on campus. This permit will need to be displayed on the front dash of your vehicle while parked.  Complete our temporary parking permit form to receive your permit by email. 
  2. If you will be on campus weekly, you will need to purchase parking. The cost is $75 for the semester, and can be purchased online in our parking portal
  3. If you fall somewhere between the two options above (e.g., you will be on campus 5 times this semester), a daily rate of $5/visit is available. Please contact us at parking@uc.edu or 513-556-2283 to set that up. 
  4. If you aren’t coming to campus for classes, but may need to visit campus to drop something off or pick something up, we will have temporary 30-minute parking spaces marked for your convenience.