Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to provide your vehicle license plate number, make, model, style and color as well as your UCID.

Parking must be purchased to park on university property. Any driver without a valid permit must park in a cash facility and pay hourly/daily rates. If coming to campus often, the permit is the more cost-effective option.

Also, a vehicle without a permit is allowed to park for a maximum of 72 hours, after that it is considered an abandoned vehicle and can be impounded/towed.

Most facilities do not require a physical permit.  For those that do, if your permit was lost, you can receive a replacement by contacting Parking Services at or 513-556-2283. There is a replacement fee.

If your parking privileges are accessed via your UC ID and it is lost, you will need to visit Public Safety Keys & Badges, in 4 Edwards, to obtain a new ID. There will be a replacement fee.

Our Maps page includes links to Google Maps where you can input your starting location for directions.

Visitor parking is available on all campuses.  Please see our visitor page for specific information by campus.

Please complete the special event parking form in order to procure parking for these needs.

Parking permits can be used 24 hours a day as long as they are used sequentially (an entrance and an exit) for the assigned garage.

Please note that evening permits are only good 3 p.m.-5:59 a.m., Monday-Friday and all day Saturday-Sunday.  The vehicle may not be in the facility Monday-Friday from 6 a.m.-2:59 p.m.

Your UC ID or Fast Pass must be used in your garage sequentially (an entrance and an exit) in order to work. For the UC ID, place the mag-stripe side of your ID against the black panel above the red laser-scanner. Do not tap the panel or wave your UC ID in front of the panel. This will not allow entrance or exit.

If the gate arms are in the upright position when entering or exiting the garage, your UC ID must be still be scanned or Fast Pass must register the green light to continue to work properly in sequence. More details.

If you have a valid UC ID that does not work, press the help button on the equipment at the exit or entrance and your call will be directed to parking staff. Please wait for the response; at times there may be a large volume of calls. DO NOT select the “Lost Ticket” button as you may not be refunded for the fee.

If your Fast Pass does not work, try scanning the barcode on the back of the Fast Pass, as it may be a problem with the Fast Pass reader.  If that does not work, press the help button at the exit or entrance and your call will be directed to parking staff. Please wait for the response; at times there may be a large volume of calls. DO NOT select the “Lost Ticket” button as you may not be refunded for the fee.

The prorated permit amount for the current month and the full permit amount for the immediate following month, both will be deducted on the last paycheck for the latter month.

For example, if the permit is purchased on Feb. 1, the full amount for February and March will be billed to the last paycheck in March. If the permit is purchased Feb. 3, a partial payment for February and the full amount for March will be billed to the last paycheck in March.

Permits on payroll deduction will then automatically renew, coming out of the last paycheck each month. 

Employee's can cancel their parking permit online via their Parking Portal account.


Before paying to exit, please push the help button, located on the entrance and exit equipment, to receive assistance from parking staff.  Often, they can troubleshoot the issue and you can avoid payment.

In the event you pay to exit, select the printed receipt button and bring the receipt and the specific card used in the transaction to the Parking Services office within 30 days and your money will be refunded.

Sale dates for student permits can be found on the student permit page.

Use the Parking Voucher Request Form. There is additional information available in the forms section of the Resources page.  An expedite fee is assessed for orders requested to be completed in fewer than 5 business days.

Log into your parking account to update the information. Please see our how-to videos for more information. You can also contact Parking Services at or 513-556-2283.

University of Cincinnati staff, faculty and designated affiliates are eligible for placement on ONE waiting list. When a waiting list exists for a facility, a faculty or staff member must log into their account to place their name on the list.

When space becomes available, the first person on the list is notified in writing or by phone. They have a set time to respond, or the space will be released to the next person on the list.

Interchanging parking privileges with family and friends is considered improper usage of parking and could cause parking privileges to be revoked.

Yes, there are shuttle buses available. For schedule information, please call 513-556-4147 or visit the shuttle schedule Web page.

In general, a tire boot/impound will occur when a vehicle is located on university property and has three outstanding or open parking citations. It can also occur when the vehicle displays a revoked, altered or stolen permit. Blocking a through-way or emergency access lane may also result in a vehicle being impounded. Please see the Citations page for more detailed information.

The UC Fast Pass is a convenient way to access your parking facility, hands-free! The Fast Pass hangs from your vehicle’s mirror and engages a sensor when you pull into a gated facility, eliminating the need to scan your UC ID. You can use either of the methods interchangeably for access.  A Fast Pass is not a parking permit, it is simply an alternative method of accessing your parking facility.