Value Pass

Parking Option


The Parking Value Pass offers faculty and staff, who pay daily for parking, a chance to pre-purchase a bundle of daily parking at a discounted rate. 

Parking Pass Policies

  • Pass availability: At this time, UC faculty/staff and UC Foundation employees are eligible.
  • Please note: Individuals in a waitlisted facility that opt to purchase a Parking Value Pass will lose their permit rights to the waitlisted facility, and will need to go back on the waiting list if a waitlisted-facility permit purchase becomes necessary. 
    • Waitlisted garages include: Corry, CCM, Varsity Village and University Avenue.
    • Value Passes are not valid at the Digital Futures Garage.
  • Please note: Passes are only valid in visitor parking garages. If a visitor parking garage is full, a Value Pass will not be valid in that garage. Dependent upon parking availability, there is no guarantee that space will be available in a facility. 
    • Digital Futures, Stratford and University Ave. Garages do not have visitor parking.
    • Value Passes are not valid at: 
      • Digital Futures Garage
      • Stratford Garages
      • University Avenue
  • Passes cannot be altered, extended, or refunded. 
  • Passes expire 4 months from the purchase date. Unused parking cannot be rolled over.
  • Passes allow 2 entry/exits per day of use to allow for individuals to leave for lunch if necessary.
  • Passes are assigned to an individual (not to a department or unit). 
  • Pass can be purchased online. Parking access will be available within 2 hours of purchase.
  • Valid Pass must be purchased prior to parking in a garage facility. Pass cannot be redeemed if parked prior to its purchase.
  • Individuals are responsible for keeping vehicle(s) information accurate in the parking system to avoid possible citations.
  • Customers parking in Eden Garage are required to park on levels 7 & 8 with the Value Pass.
  • Value Passes are not:
    • Transferable
    • Valid during event parking
    • Refundable
    • Eligible for reciprocity parking
    • Available for motorcycle parking 

Parking Pass Options

  • Value Pass 15: 15 days of parking in 4-month period 
    • Cost: $130.50 
    • A savings of $1.50 per day 
  • Value Pass 30: 30 days of parking in a 4-month period 
    • Cost: $213 
    • A savings of $3 per day 

To purchase a Value Pass, log into the UC Parking Portal, or by visiting the Parking Services office at 4 Edwards Center.


  • Access to a facility will be by Bearcat ID or Fast Pass 
  • Individuals will need to hit help button if there are issues upon entry/exit.