UC Clermont Visitor Parking

Parking Policies

  • Visitors may park in any white-lined stall.
  • Anyone parking for more than 72 hours, must contact Parking Services at least 72-hours in advance of the visit. A visitor pass will be provided by the department you are visiting. The pass must be fully displayed on the driver’s side of the dashboard.

Stall Designation

Parking is permitted only in marked stalls.

Fire Lanes

Yellow curbs or signage designates a fire lane. Fire lanes are tow-away zones and must be kept clear at all times.

Reserved Parking

Signage designates reserved parking. Parking in a reserved space without the proper permit will result in a citation and towing of the vehicle.

ADA Accessible Parking

Blue lines and signage designates handicap parking.  A valid state-issued disability placard or license plate is required. ADA spaces are for permit holders and visitors.


Yellow-lined stalls are reserved for those with a faculty/staff permit.

Deliveries and Contractors


Parking will not be reserved for deliveries unless a Request for Special Parking Form is submitted online in advance. Delivery drivers are responsible for any parking violations they incur.

Loading & Unloading

Parking for loading and unloading up to 30 minutes is available in the marked stalls.

University and Other Government Vehicles

University vehicles are subject to university parking regulations. Operators of university-owned or leased vehicles must comply with vehicle regulations. If the operator’s identity cannot be determined, the department to which the vehicle is assigned will be liable for payment of fines.

Government vehicles are subject to compliance with parking rules and regulations.