Shuttle Services

Bearcats Transportation System

The Bearcat Transportation System provides free shuttle service for UC students, faculty and staff with 18 shuttles covering 14 routes.

The shuttle routes operate at various times during the academic terms and connect UC's Uptown Campus with the nearby neighborhood, Blue Ash Campus and Victory Parkway Campus.

  • Shuttles DO NOT OPERATE on academic term breaks, on official UC holidays, or Winter Season Days (except where noted) or when hazardous driving conditions exist. Please check our live shuttle tracker TRANSLOC  for up-to-date announcements. Use the buttons below to download the TRANSLOC app.
  • All schedules are subject to change.

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Route Updates Starting 3.18.24

In order to improve service and shuttle utilization there are exciting new changes coming for the NightRide shuttle, along with North, and Southwest starting 3.18.24!

The current Nightride shuttle will transition to two nighttime shuttle routes that will be known as NR North and NR Southwest.

The hours will remain 8pm-2am Monday through Sunday.

The NR North and NR Southwest will allow for significantly shorter loop times and more efficient service.

The current North and Southwest routes, starting 3.18.24 will now end at 8pm M-F will transition to the NR North and the NR Southwest from 8pm-2am.

Saturday and Sundays will be the NR North and NR Southwest running 8pm-2am.

To see all routes and schedules go to

To track shuttles go to

Shuttle Questions



Blue Ash-Reading Campus Connector

This route will run 7:15 am-7 pm Monday-Friday

  1. Campus Green Drive
  2. Eden Garage
  3. Reading Campus
  4. UCBA
  5. Jefferson Ave & Wm Howard Taft
  6. Jefferson Ave & W.University  

Additional Chasers Added starting 9/11/23

Chasers have been added to both the North and Southwest routes during peak hours

Housing Weekend Route hours extended starting 9/16/23

The Housing Weekend Route hours have been extended to run 8am-10pm starting 9/16

Shuttle tracker has moved! The shuttle tracker has moving to TRANSLOC this move will provide additional tracking and reporting capabilities along with updated tracking technology.

23/24 Spring Shuttle Hours


  • Campus Express 7am-10pm       
  • Main/Eden 7am-9:30pm
  • Innovation District 7am-10pm
  • North 6am-11:00pm
  • North Express 7am-9:00pm    
  • Ludlow 8am-8pm
  • CCM 8am-10:30pm
  • Southwest 7am-10pm                
  • East 7am-9pm
  • Blue Ash 1 shuttle 7:15am-7pm M-Th
  • Blue Ash 2 shuttle 7:15am-10pm M-Th
  • Blue Ash 1 shuttle 7:15am-5pm Friday
  • Blue Ash 2 shuttle 7:15am-5pm Friday
  • Blue Ash/Reading Connector 7:15am-7pm M-F


  • Housing Weekend 8am-10pm


  • NightRide Shuttle 8:00pm-2:00am
  • CP Cincy7am-10pm

24' Shuttle Schedule:


Fall Semester

August 21-December 9

Exams Dec 3-Dec 9th


August 12                  CP Cincy & Housing Weekend resume service


August 17                  Full-Service resumes: UCBA running 1 shuttle 8am-5pm


September 4              Labor Day (U.C. Closed – No Shuttle Service)

                                                Housing weekend and Nightride runs regular schedule


Reading Days

October 9                   Fall Reading Days Shuttles running normal routes except 1 UCBA running                                     7:15-5pm

November 7               Fall Reading Days Shuttles running normal routes except 1 UCBA running                                     7:15-5pm


 November 10             Veterans Day (UC Closed- No Shuttle Service)

                                                Housing weekend runs regular schedule


November 23-24       Thanksgiving Holiday (UC Closed – No Shuttle service)

November 25-26       Thanksgiving Holiday Housing Weekend & CP Cincy run normal hours.


Dec 3-Dec 9th           Fall Semester Exams UCBA 1st run From CGG 6:45am 2nd 7:15am

December 10th         Last day for Fall Semester Shuttles



            Semester Break

December 11-22       Campus Wide & Innovation District 8am-6pm

                                   Housing Weekend and CP Cincy 8am-5pm

December 25-Jan 1   Seasonal Closure (UC Closed- No Shuttle Service)




           Semester Break

Spring Semester

January 9-April 27

Exams April 22-April 27


January 2-5               Campus Wide & Innovation District 8am-6pm

 January 2-7               Housing Weekend and CP Cincy 8am-5pm

January 4-5               UCBA 7:15am-5pm starting and ending at CGG.

January 4-5               Main St, CCM & North 7am-6pm

January 6                   Nightride Service Resumes

January 8                   All shuttle service resumes.

January 15                 MLK Day Housing Weekend and CP Cincy only 8am-5pm


Shuttle Operations

2023-2024 Contract/Fiscal Year Calendar


March 11-17             Spring Break

                                  Main St/CX/CCM/North/CP Cincy/Housing only 7am-6pm

                                   (Main and North Alternate)

                                    Innovation District 7am-10pm

April 20-25               Spring Semester Exams

Semester Break

 April 29-May 8th     Main St/CX/CCM/North only 7am-6pm

                                 (CCM and North Alternate)

                                 Innovation District 7am-10pm


Summer Semester

May 6-August 3


Housing Last day of operation: 4/28 NO SUMMER

Nightride Last day of operation: 4/28  NO SUMMER

CP Cincy last day of operation: 4/28   NO SUMMER


Southwest last day of operation: 4/26 NO SUMMER

East last day of operation: 4/26     NO SUMMER

UCBAC Last day of operation: 4/26  NO SUMMER

Summer Schedule

Main St/North 7am-7pm

CCM 7am-7pm

Campus Wide only 7am-10pm

Innovation District 7am-10pm




 May 27                      Memorial Day (UC Closed- No Shuttle Service)


 June 19                       Juneteenth (UC Closed- No Shuttle Service)                                          


 July 4                          Independence Day (UC Closed- No Shuttle Service)


           Semester Break

August 4-18              Main St/CX/CCM/North only 7am-6pm

                                    Innovation District 7am-10pm



  • If the University of Cincinnati closes due to severe weather, etc., shuttles will continue to operate for one hour after the official university closing time, provided the roads are safe and passable.
  • However, some routes may stop operating even when the university remains open, if road conditions are unsafePlease follow the Shuttles Live for the most up-to-date travel information concerning route operations and estimated times.

It is best to check with the driver when you reboard the shuttle to see if your lost item(s) were found. If not, please contact Public Safety (Clifton Campus) at 513-556-4925 or (Blue Ash Campus) at 513-745-5707.

Shuttle Services

  • Consider Metro - the regional public transportation system in Hamilton County and southwest Ohio. Click here to see their routes and timetables.
  • Consider CTC - the Clermont Transportation Connection is the primary public transportation provider for Clermont County, Ohio. Click here to read about their services.
  • Consider TANK - the Transit Authority of Northern Kentucky serves Boone, Campbell and Kenton counties in Kentucky, and downtown Cincinnati. Click here to read about their services.

Fun Facts

Number of miles driven per year

  • 2022 - 365,873=14.69 times around the world
  • 2021 - 251,075=10.08 times around the world
  • 2020 - 171,154=6.87   times around the world
  • 2019 - 365,498=14.67 times around the world
  • 2018 - 431,710=17.33 times around the world
  • 2017 - 432,924=17.38 times around the world

Shuttles began in 2004 with 6 shuttles operating

  • 2022 - 17 shuttles operating, total passengers:  365,873
  • 2021 - 16 shuttles operating, total passengers:  251,075       
  • 2020 - 16 shuttles operating, total passengers:   96,044
  • 2019 - 17 shuttles operating, total passengers:  600,744
  • 2018 - 19 shuttles operating, total passengers:  854,298
  • 2017 - 18 shuttles operating, total passengers:  845,467