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The University of Cincinnati Department of Housekeeping understands that our student, staff and faculty’s expectations for cleaning have changed due to the recent health concerns of the pandemic.

That’s why we strive to deliver an even cleaner environment for the UC community with the implementation of top-notch cleaning chemicals in a rigorous cleaning and disinfecting program. We use Microban 24 sanitizing spray and Microban multi-purpose cleaner which kills 99.9% of bacteria and continues working through-out the day to provide long lasting protection for surfaces in your spaces. The 24 hour residual continues to work even after multiple touches.

FM Housekeeping provides routine cleaning and custodial care to more than 100 UC buildings. Each building has staff assigned to perform specific service routines, on a scheduled basis including, but not limited to, the Baseline Services described below.

Our commitment to you is to deliver a safe, reliable space with added confidence of industry-leading hygiene practices created to keep you safe. If you have any questions feel free to visit our Facilities Management website for further detail or call Work Control at 558.2500.

Headshot of Joyce M. L Whittaker, C.E.H

Joyce M. L Whittaker, C.E.H

Director Building Services


Contact Us - Clifton Campus

During Regular Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30 am to 4:00 pm

Routine and Emergency Housekeeping Requests call 513-558-2500
Non-emergency housekeeping requests Use the online submission form on Bearcat Landing

After Hours (Monday-Friday 4:00 pm to 7:30 am; all weekends; all holidays)

  • All After-Hours Emergency Housekeeping Requests call 513-556-1111 to the Communications Center of UC Public Safety and request that they contact and dispatch emergency maintenance response staff.
  • Report All After-Hours Routine Housekeeping Requests by dialing 513-558-2500 to leave a detailed voice message that will be reviewed the next business day.

Contact Us - Blue Ash & Clermont Campuses

  • Contact the college administrative offices at UC Clermont  and UC Blue Ash Campus for service requests.
  • All Requests for room access should be made to UC Police at 513-556-1111.  Housekeeping does not perform this function.