Concur Training

We heartily encourage all users to attend the system trainings offered by the Staff Success Center as the first step toward familiarity with Concur.

Instructor-Led Training

To register for Concur training, log in to SuccessFactors*.

  • Once you've logged in with your 6+2 and password, click the Home drop-down menu in the upper left corner and select Learning.
    • Note: If you see a blue screen when logging in, type UCPROD and continue logging in with the steps above.
  • Browse the catalog to find the training you've been approved for.

*Unfortunately, affiliates and some UC employees (e.g. contractors) do not have access to SuccessFactors. If you are unable to log in to access the training signups, please reach out to the Travel Resources team, and we will assist you with attending a training.

Self-Help Resources

After attending training and establishing a basic foundation, our training resources (linked on the left) are always available to guide and refresh users on what to do; visit whenever necessary to reference the best practice guide, FAQs, and our collection of videos and guides.

Of course, if you ever need one-on-one assistance, the Travel Resources team is always available to help—simply email with any questions, issues, or to request in-person guidance on any Concur process.