Scheduling Events at the Reading Campus

Only tenants and UC employees at Reading Campus can request to schedule the following locations:
Location Set Up / Features Capacity
RCA 017 (Lecture Room) tables/chairs; projector/screen/podium 42
RCD 142 table/chairs; chalk board/screen 10
RCD 143 table/chairs; chalk board/screen 10
RCD 199N/S (Atrium) tables/chairs; no audiovisual/fridge/microwave 100
RCD 245 table/chairs; white board/screen 6
RCD 246 table/chairs; white board/screen 6
RCD 282 table/chairs; white board/screen/tv 20
RCE 109 table/chairs; white board/screen/projector 28
RCG 001 (Auditorium) projector/screen/podium  224

These locations can be requested to be scheduled via the event form and availability grid below. Events can be requested directly from the event form or you can click on a time in the availability grid (see below) and the date/time and location will already be completed in the event form.

Availability Grid for Locations

Click on arrows by date to see past and future events scheduled.

Event Form to Request Event

You will not receive an automatic email after you save your request. All events are saved in a tentative state, until the location(s) requested are approved by the location approver. You will then receive an email confirming your event. The event will then be in confirmed state.

Changes to Events

Email us if any changes are needed to your event or if you have any questions.

Instructions for Requesting a Location/Event via the Event Form

As you step through the Event Form, required fields are identified (noted with an asterisk in the instructions below).

Information for each field, can be accessed in the form, by clicking on the blue info icon (lowercase 'i' inside a circle) next to the field name.

This location/event request is not confirmed, until you receive a confirmation email from the Reading Campus approver

Enter Event Name / Event Type

  • *Event Name – Enter a name that clearly describes the event
  • *Event Type – Click “Select an item” and select Reading Campus Event

Enter Organization / Expected Attendance / Event Description

  • *Organization for this Event – Search for your organization. If your organization is not in the system, email
  • *Expected Attendance – Enter the expected attendance for your event
  • Event Description – Enter additional information about the event, if needed

Enter Date and Time / Additional Time

  • *Date and Time – Enter the first date of your event and the actual start and end times
  • Additional Time – Enter additional time if needed for setup or takedown by event organizer or for mingling before or after the event. The approver of the location will add additional set up time if needed for actual setup of the location.

If your event has more than one occurrence

  • These occurrences must be at the same time for all days. If your event has multiple occurrences that happen at different times, create separate events for each time.
  • If selecting ad hoc dates, select dates on the calendar
  • If selecting a pattern, select Repeating Pattern and choose Ad hoc, Daily, Weekly or Monthly and enter additional information on the repeating pattern. Note: When selecting a pattern, the information box appears at the top of the event form. Scroll up to view.
  • View all Occurrences – Allows you to view all occurrences you have selected. Note: When selecting a View all Occurrences, the information box appears at the top of the event form. Scroll up to view.

Find and select locations

  • *Locations – Search by location name, for example – RCA 017
  • If Hide Locations with Conflicts is checked, only available locations will be shown
  • If Enforce Headcount is checked, only locations that will accommodate your head count will be shown
  • Request = available for all dates
  • Request Available = available for some of the dates requested; click into Conflict Details to check date availability
  • Unavailable = not available for any dates

Event Contact Information

  • *Event Contact Name
  • *Event Contact Phone Number
  • *Event Contact Email

Terms and Conditions / Save

  • *Terms and Conditions – Click box next to I Agree after reviewing UC’s Use of Facilities Policy
  • *Click save to submit your event for approval