Vice President for Finance

The Office of the Vice President for Finance serves the university community in all university financial matters, including, but not limited to, budget, planning, accounting, treasury, external audits.  In addition, the office oversees campus service functions such as bookstore, housing, dining, and campus recreation; facilities and construction services; campus planning and design; space management planning and allocation; and core business systems. The office ensures that the university's financial operations are administered in accordance with all federal, state, local, and University rules and policies.


Headshot of Pat Kowalski

Pat Kowalski

Vice President, Finance


Leadership Team

Headshot of Kelly Beck

Kelly Beck

Assistant Vice President, Budget Management


Headshot of Todd Duncan

Todd Duncan

Senior Associate Vice President, Campus Services


Headshot of Joe Harrell

Joe Harrell

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management


Headshot of Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt

Treasurer, Treasurer's Office


Headshot of Carol Metzger

Carol Metzger

Assistant Vice President & Controller, Controller's Office


Headshot of Robin Pittman

Robin Pittman

Assistant Vice President, Business Core Systems


Headshot of Pat Polley

Pat Polley

Assistant Vice President, Business Affairs