Purchasing Contacts


M - Lab and scientific equipment and suppplies, industrial/research gases, radioactive isotopes, medical equipment and supplies, animals (feed and vet supplies), drugs and pharmaceuticals

(Term contract number series 400-499)

A - Contingent Labor - temporary office, temporary unskilled labor, payroll services, consultants (non-IT), speakers (classes, seminars), athletic agreements, entertainment, furniture (office and non-office), long distance and communication services, microfilming (document imaging services), musical instruments

(Term contract number series 900-999)

S - Computers - hardware, software and supplies, consultants (IT-related), postage, theatrical equipment and supplies, paper (office and print shop), printing services, office machines, equipment, and supplies, cable TV, audio visual equipment, supplies, and services, telecommunications equipment, supplies and services, copiers, printers, bulk mail services

(Term contract number series 500-599)

L - Hotels and lodging - travel agency, vehicles (cars, trucks, buses), rentals and leases, air charters, sporting goods and recreation equipment, grants and sponsored programs, janitorial products (supplies and services), ad dues (memberships publications and subscriptions)

(Term contract number series 600-799)

- Construction - projects and trades work, architect and engineering equipment and services, signage, moving services, insurance (health and dental), accounting, auditing, legal services, elevators, electricity, gas, energy, exterminating services, carpet and flooring

(Term contract number series 800-899)