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To Request Maintenance & Repair and Building (Housekeeping) Services DURING OFFICE HOURS (Monday-Friday from 7:30 am to 4:00 pm)

OCCURRING AFTER-HOURS - (Weekdays from 4:00 pm to 7:30 am; Weekends and All Holidays) URGENT or EMERGENCY REQUESTS

  • Dial:  513-556-1111 to reach the Communications Center of UC Public Safety and request that they contact and dispatch emergency response staff.


  • Dial: 513-558-2500 to leave a detailed voice message that will be reviewed the next business day.
                        Facilities Management Service Units - Main Contacts and Alternates
Department Contact #1 Contact #2
Central Receiving 513-556-5655 513-556-3525
Grounds Maintenance 513-556-4147 513-558-2500
Housekeeping (Building Services) 513-558-2500
Mail Services 513-556-3525 513-556-5655
Maintenance and Operations 513-558-2500
Moving Services 513-556-4147 513-558-2500
Project Services 513-556-1131 513-556-8388
Recycling @ UC 513-558-2500
Shuttle Services (BTS & CTS) 513-556-4424 513-556-4147
Transportation Services 513-556-4424 513-556-4147
UC Metro Fare Card Program 513-556-4424
Utilities & Technical Support 513-556-5151 513-556-0252
                                         Facilities Management Administrative Contacts
Area Title Administrator   Telephone
Assoc. Vice President/Director of Facilities Associate Vice President      Joseph Harrell 513-558-4635
  Associate to Associate Vice-President Debbie Hausman 513-556-4944
Building (Custodial) Services Director Joyce M. L Whittaker 513-556-6433
Central Receiving Associate Director David Breen 513-556-3987
Grounds Maintenance Associate Director Beth Rains 513-556-4147
Mail Services Associate Director David Breen 513-556-3987
Maintenance & Operations Executive Director Ken Bloomer 513-556-0605
Moving Services Director Beth Rains 513-556-4147
Project Services Associate Director Charles Armstrong 513-556-8388
Recycling Services Director Joyce Land-Whittaker 513-556-6433
Shuttles & Transportation Services Director Beth Rains 513-556-4147
UC-Metro Fare Card Program UC Transportation Services Aimee Gibson​​​​​​​ 513-556-4424
Utilities & Technical Support Director Mike Hofmann 513-556-5151