The Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) Interactive Training Center (ITC) is a central point of access for all environmental health and safety training offered to the University community. Using the links below, you can learn about all of the courses we offer.


  • Training to complete OSHA requirements, such as Hazard Communication and Bloodborne Pathogens
  • Our extensive library of computer-integrated training programs, which you can schedule online and complete the training in our office at a convenient time.
  • A variety of informational courses that do not record your participation for credit.

Training We Offer

Training Programs


Health & Safety Training Matrix

Training courses are web-based unless otherwise specified. Many of these programs are provided for informational purposes and may not record your participation for credit or satisfy any compliance requirements. We currently offer training programs on the following topics in the chart below.

EH&S Training Courses by topic and format
Course/Topic Category/Format  
Anesthetic Gases Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Allergens Animal Care Safety Training  
Anesthetic Gases Animal Care Safety Training  
Asbestos Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Autoclaves Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Biosafety Orientation Biological Safety Training - Non-Credit PowerPoint Slides  
Carcinogens Animal Care Safety Training  
Cell and Tissue Culture Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Centrifuges Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Compressed Gases Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Confined Spaces Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Defensive Driving Course Defensive Driving Training  
Electrical Safety Facilities Management/Construction Training  
EPA Hazardous Waste Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Ergonomics (Office Ergonomics Training) Compliance Training - Non-Credit PowerPoint File  
Ethidium Bromide Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Ethylene Oxide Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Falls and Ladder Safety Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Flammable Liquids Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Gel Electrophoresis Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Glutaraldehyde Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Hot Work Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Lab Animal Medicine and Science Series II Animal Care Safety Training - Non-Credit Web Presentation  
Lab Safety Orientation Compliance Training  
Lasers Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Latex Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Lead Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Lockout / Tagout Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Noise Facilities Management/Construction Training  
OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Compliance Training - Lecture, Web-Based  
OSHA Hazard Communication Standard Compliance Training - Lecture, Web-Based  
PCR Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Peroxides Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Powered Tools Facilities Management/Construction Training  
PPE Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Principal Investigator Training Course Principal Investigator Training  
Respirators Facilities Management/Construction Training  
SARS: Protecting Workers Biological Safety Training - Non-Credit PowerPoint Slides  
SPCC Facilities Management/Construction Training  
Toxins: Reproductive and Neurological Hazards Animal Care Safety Training  
Ultraviolet Light Advanced Laboratory Safety Training  
Work-Related Injury/Illnesses: Supervisor Training Compliance Training - Non-Credit Video