Real Estate Administration

Real Estate Office Responsibilities:

  • Acquisitions/Dispositions of University Real Estate
  • Lease Negotiations (on and off-campus)
  • Facilitate easements with outside entities
  • Property management for specific University owned/leased properties

All University Divisions, Departments and Directors shall contact Real Estate Administration (REA), whenever they have real estate related questions such as the need to acquire, lease, dispose, or manage any type of real property. Whenever a University employee on behalf of a Dean, Director or Department Head requires any type of real estate or real property transaction or the cancellation of said transaction, a Real Estate Administration Request Form must be submitted to REA prior to any formal action.

Contact Information

Real Estate Office    
Planning + Design + Construction   
University of Cincinnati
University Hall, Suite 600   
P.O. Box 210186      
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0186

Headshot of Megan Smith

Megan Smith

Sr. Real Estate Community Investment

+1 513 556 5016

Telecommunications Equipment on University Property

Please contact Real Estate Administration with any inquires related to cellular equipment on University of Cincinnati property, buildings or structures.