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The UC Investment Office manages the university's approximately $1.8B of endowment assets in a diversified portfolioincluding  traditional long-only equity and fixed income funds, private equity funds, diversified strategies, real estate funds, and separately managed accountswith the goal of balancing support across current and future generations of scholars and researchers.

Practically speaking, this means UCwith oversight from a qualified and highly-skilled Investment Committeeseeks to provide substantial and self-sustaining funding to each endowment's target area while maintaining principal value so our endowments can continue to provide the same support for many decades into the future. That's the transformative power of permanent capital.


UC's endowment is a source of ongoing support that creates opportunities for students, enhances UC's ability to attract talent, and shapes the future by facilitating innovative research.  UC's first endowment was established shortly after the university was founded in 1819, and its subsequent 2,800 endowment funds continue to provide ongoing and vital support to UC's mission. 

The FY2023 Investment Overview section of the UC Foundation Annual Report outlines recent and long-term performance.

What is UC's Endowment & How Does it Work?


Endowments have special power to magnify donations – with patience and steady stewardship, an endowment will provide more support and have a larger impact than a gift that is used immediately.

The Henry and Anna B. Krucker Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up in 1984 by Elsie and Rose Krucker to honor their parents with the generous gift of $1.6M. 

The Krucker Fund’s mission is to provide “worthy and needy” students with scholarships to the UC College of Medicine and it has been a runaway success. 

In its first 34 years, the Krucker Fund provided more than $5.4M in scholarships and its asset base more than doubled from $1.6M to more than $3.4M—protecting its ability to provide scholarships for the foreseeable future.

The Team

The people devoted to managing and overseeing UC's endowment are passionately focused on enhancing its ability to support UC in innovating education, building excellence, and providing opportunities for students.

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If you are an investment manager or placement agent seeking to do business with the UC Investment Office, please send an introductory email with overview materials to