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Radiation Safety

UC Health

Construction Safety

Safety Program for Facilities and Construction Services
View the Facilities & Construction Safety Program


Department of Enterprise Risk Management

Emergency Response Guidebook

A Guidebook for First Responders
View the 2020 Emergency Response Guidebook


National Pesticide Information Center

Links to Technical Information (MSDS, Toxicology, Health, Chemical Properties, etc.), Regulations, Manufacturers, Pest Control, Emergency
National Pesticide Information Center


Laboratory Animal Medicine and Science Series II CD

Educational publication for veterinary and medical students and researchers
LAMS Series II CD Educational Publication


National Institute of Standards and Technology Chemistry WebBook

Chemical information including CAS numbers
NIST Chemistry WebBook


Code of Federal Regulations

Search CFRs by keyword
Code of Federal Regulations Site


Consumer Product Safety Commission

Saving lives and keeping families safe
Consumer Product Safety Commission Site



Easy to understand medical and first aid information
MedicineNet Site



Index of Occupational Safety and Health Administration resources
OSHA Resources



Protects human health and the environment
Environmental Protection Agency Site


Rockwell Laser Industries

Laser safety information
Rockwell Laser Industries Site