The division of Administration & Finance has experienced leaders overseeing the operations of each of its units.

Headshot of Pat Kowalski

Pat Kowalski

Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer, Administration & Finance

Headshot of Carol Metzger

Carol Metzger

Vice President for Finance, Finance

Headshot of Tamie Grunow

Tamie Grunow

Senior Associate Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer, Human Resources

Headshot of Tom Guerin

Tom Guerin

Associate Vice President, Purchasing

Headshot of Joe Harrell

Joe Harrell

Associate Vice President, Facilities Management

Headshot of John Seibert

John Seibert

Associate Vice President, Planning + Design + Construction

Headshot of Kelly Beck

Kelly Beck

Assistant Vice President, Budget Management

Headshot of Robin Pittman

Robin Pittman

Assistant Vice President, Business Core Systems

Headshot of Gary Hunt

Gary Hunt

Treasurer, Treasurer's Office

Headshot of Marty Ludwig

Marty Ludwig

Director, Trademarks & Licensing

Headshot of Karl Scheer

Karl Scheer

Chief Investment Officer, Investment Office

Headshot of Tony Stidham

Tony Stidham

Controller, Controller's Office

Headshot of Jan Utrecht

Jan Utrecht

Director, Environmental Health & Safety