General Criteria

As a guiding principle of our policy, when naming facilities, the university should strive to achieve:

  • maximum private-support benefit from any naming opportunites that occur, or
  • recognition of people who are significant in the university's history

Be aware that for all types and levels of naming opportunities, currently sitting legislators or public officials will not be considered.

Types of Facilities

Any unnamed area within the university is a potential naming opportunity.

Approval of Suitable Space

The identification of areas within existing buildings, or open areas adjacant to them, suitable for naming is generally the responsibility of the appropriate college dean or unit head, in consultation with the office of the Associate Vice President for Campus Design and Planning and the college- or unit-based UC Foundation staff.  Once identification is accomplished, the college- or unit-based UC Foundation staff completes and submits the "Request to Establish Gift Value(s) for Named Donor Spaces(s)" to the Vice President for Development.

Upon approval, and when potential honorees are identified, the commemorative naming procedure is followed.

A facility-naming opportunity included as a benefit within a gift proposal must be approved by the Vice President for Development before solicitation takes place. The Vice President for Development (or designee) will consult with the Associate Vice President for Campus Planning and Design regarding all space-naming gifts.

Unforeseen Circumstances

The university and the UC Foundation reserve the right to reconsider named designations if unforeseen circumstances warrant* (i.e., facility is demolition, a donor's inability to fulfill a pledge, name changes brought about by corporate mergers, etc.).

When a named facility or a named space within a facility is demolished, the
donor's family will be notified.  An alternate, appropriate facility will be identified so that naming recognition wil continue, subject to approval by the naming committee.

* Individuals engaging in behavior not fitting to university ethical and moral standard, the university reserves the right to remove the name from the commemorative, honorific or functional designation.