Mail Services

The University of Cincinnati Mail Services strives to provide university Faculty and Staff with timely and accurate handling, distribution and processing of all mail (both interdepartmental and USPS mail pieces), utilizing staff and resources effectively and efficiently with auditable accountability.

If you receive mail without your mail location, contact the sender to update your address with your mail location.

Notice to Students and their Parents:

Mail and Package Delivery and Pickup for all Occupants of Residence Halls is managed by Residence Education & Development.

Bearcats Package Center

The Bearcats Package Center, located in Tangeman University Center, will have over 400 Smart Lockers, and providing a fast and worry-free package retrieval for on-campus residential students. 

All on-campus residential students should use the Bearcats Package Center to receive any packages being sent to them. When the package arrives at the Package Center, students will receive an email notification. Students will then come to the Package Center, and scan the barcode in the email notification to retrieve the package(s) from the Smart Lockers. Oversized packages and those needing refrigeration can be picked up from the Service Desk. 

Please visit here for more information.

For Faculty and Staff mail information, please visit us on our Bearcats Landing Page.