UC*Metro Program


Announcement: UPDATE:9.21.22 UC students and staff can show your Bearcat ID to Metro Operators until 10.1.22  to receive unlimited free rides in Hamilton County.

10.1-10.31.22 unlimited free rides in Hamilton County will be available through the transit app.  If you have not already registered please do so below.


Hey UC – We’re Reinventing Metro for You

The UC*Metro EZ Ride Discount Program is available to University of Cincinnati students and staff to help them beat high gas prices and parking hassles associated with commuting to school, work, athletic events, shopping and socializing.

NEW: UC students and staff can now use Transit with the EZfare app to pay their Metro fare – no more cards.

And to prove there’s never been a better time to ride Metro, we’re giving you free rides for the first month of the Fall Semester! Your free ride ticket will show up in your account on 8/22/22 and can be used for unlimited rides until 9/21/22. Extended to 10.31.22!!

Here’s the easy, one-time way to take advantage of this new convenience feature:

·         Download Transit with the EZfare app, free for Android and Apple devices.

·         Set up your account.            Metro Transit App

·         IMPORTANT: You must use your UC email address when setting up your account; otherwise, it will not work with the discount program.

·         If you already have a Transit with EZfare account set up using a different email address, you will need to set up a new one using your UC-assigned email address.


Once you’ve set up your Transit with EZfare account, UC students and staff must apply online at UC to enroll in the program each semester. Eligibility is determined at the time of online application.


The EZ Ride Discount Program is free to eligible students and staff and can be used to ride anywhere Metro goes for only $1 – due to limitations in the app, you must purchase $1 ride tickets in bundles of two for $2. Better deal: Purchase a half-fare day pass for only $2 for unlimited rides during the service day on all Hamilton County local service routes for even greater savings.

Here are some things to keep in mind about the UC Metro Discount program:

·         Valid for one semester only – tickets in the app are available on the first day of the semester and they expire on the first day of the following semester. You must register each semester to participate in the discount program.

·         At the end of the semester, any unused tickets will expire, so purchase your tickets wisely. You are limited to purchasing NUMBER of tickets at one time to avoid losing any ticket value when the semester ends. No refunds will be given.

·         Tap your phone on the validator on the bus and show your UC ID to the operator when boarding.

·         Tickets may be used 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week for unlimited rides per day wherever Metro buses travel.

·         Tickets may only be used by the student or staff member who is enrolled or employed by UC at the time of registration.

For questions about the UC*Metro Program, contact Amiee Gibson at caylorae@UCMAIL.UC.EDU or 513-556-4424.


You will download Metro’s transit app.  *Physical cards are not being issued

1.Register for the UC/Metro discount here https://webapps2.uc.edu/metrocard/

2.Download the Metro Transit app here with the email indicated in the Registration Link above  https://transitapp.com/

3.Allow Metro 3-5 days for processing to tie the discount to your EZfare portal.


The UC*Metro Program offers discount transportation options for eligible enrolled UC students and UC employees for use when riding Metro regional buses or Access mini-buses. The Program is funded by UC Administration and UC Student Government, and administered by UC Facilities Management Department.    


To be "Eligible" to participate in the program, a UC student must:

  1. Be enrolled in classes AND
  2. Possess a valid UC Photo Identification Card (from UC Public Safety)

Please be certain to meet both of these criteria.

UC Metro EZ Ride Discount

The places you can go with Metro

Fun Facts

  • All new Cincinnati Metro buses are driven 2,388 miles from Livermore, California to Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Metro buses drive about 10 million miles each year.
  • Metro's Rt. 43 travels the most miles every year clocking in 808k miles.
  • A new Metro bus weighs 39,440 pounds.
  • Buses have been servicing Cincinnati since 1926.
  • Taking public transit is 90% safer than commuting by car.

Metro is a non-profit, tax-funded public service of the Southwest Ohio Regional Transit Authority (SORTA), which operates regional Metro buses and smaller Access mini-buses (origin-to-destination transportation for people whose disabilities prevent them from riding Metro buses.)  Metro provides about 17 million rides per year in the Greater Cincinnati area.